New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, January 16, 2012

Starting the Week Off Right

January 16th: Woke up at 5am next to my beautiful girlfriend :) Up for breakfast (bowl of Go Lean Crunch cereal) and made lunch. Packed some leftover pizza, avocado and tomato, fruit salad and some more fruit. Kimber got up with me to help me get ready for my first "real" day of work. 6am-2:30pm. Commute to work was a bit risky with my vision being limited to the small patch of windshield I scraped. Made it to work and totally got my photo access badge. Ca-chang! Out at 2:45pm to head home for a little organizing of my belongings especially clothes. Goupil rolled in the door at 4:30pm and we were out the door for a run at 5pm.

Explored a bit and turned out to be a very relaxing and enjoyable run through some neighborhoods and finished up back through the Chen campus. 78:42 (11+).

Leftover pizza for dinner and packed the lunch for tomorrow. Expected wintry ice mix to slow down the AM excursion. Should be interesting.

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