New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Recovery Day

January 24th: 5am wakeup. Work 6am-3:30pm. Getting that overtime, uhhh! Started forming a hot spot on the outside of my left foot. Possible pinky toe blister. My sock might of been scrunched up or folded to cause the irritation. Lunch was bomb today! Sausage and homefries topped with mexican blend cheese. Heated it all up to schmelt the cheese. Tossed some ketchup on top and mixed it all up. Meeting with a couple big dogs at 2pm. Dan Steel from the Singapore branch of Global Foundries. Afterwork, I cruised over to Home Depot to purchase some real safety gloves instead of my thin winter Nike gloves from TJ Maxx.

Goupil got home at 5:30pm. Ran 10+ miles (70:20) with a taped up wittle toe at 6pm. Nice loop for a Tuesday evening. Legs felt way better than yesterday. Calves still a little sore. Relaxed by not showering and eating chocolate chip cookies after the run. Of course after my protein shake. Big Bang Theory. Cheddar cheese 4 egg omelette for dinner. Bed a little late. 9:45pm.

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