New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Step Ahead

January 25th: 5am wakeup (nothing new). Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast. Quick preparation of lunch for work (double decker PB&J). Quick day at work. Well, at least it went by in a flash. 6:10pm-2:40pm. Made it home to relax for a bit before Goupil walked in the door. Washed some dishes, watched some television and took out the trash. Now only in NY would I find a Christmas tree in the dumpster. The best thing was that it looked like it was in fairly good health and it's almost February. Weird.

Out the door for a run at 4:30pm. It was still light out when we started! Yessss! Plus, I got dressed for the run before Goupil made it home so I didn't feel as rushed. Paid off. We cruised the 10.8 mile loop (72:21). Some secluded roads and a couple rollers. We avoided most of the commuter traffic. Might become a staple run if I can convince Goup to do it weekly. Last 2 miles in 12:02 (split it secretly) and rocked the last mile in probably 5:50s. Real solid day overall.

Back to shower before 7pm, which is a 1st for me. Usually I jump in right before bed. To top it off, I ate dinner before 8pm. Tortilla hamburger. Amazing! Tomorrow possibly some 2 mile repeats.

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