New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple Day

January 17th: 5am wakeup. Easy day at work. Basically from 10-2:30, I was on fire watch because a section of the subfab had the sprinkler system deactivated. Nothing too exciting, but I did get to carry a bullhorn around. It helped break the ice with some of the contract workers and there was definitely a few jokes being thrown around. It was amusing and made time pass by quickly. One comment was "Please don't yell at me, I might s**t my pants."

Made it home around 3 and waited for Goupil to get home. With the snowfall in the morning and the rain showers throughout the day, we decided on a shorter easy run. 7 miles (54:24). Well deserved recovery after 9 straight days of decent mileage.

Quesdilla for dinner. Bed before 9:30. Chyeahhhh!

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