New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 1, 2013

Rest Of The Weekdays

March 27th: 5:15am wakeup. Work 6am-4:30pm. Putting in a few long days to bank some hours for my Florida vacation. Minimize the PTO (paid time off). Bought lunch. Pineapple coleslaw, BBQ chicken thighs and refried beans. So good. Home to pick up a package at the office. They were gonna hold it hostage because I had not handed in the lease addendum for next year. I quickly signed it and ran it back to the office with only a few minutes to spare (even though she had given me the package). New apartment in Saratoga is what we have to find in the next month. Hmmm. Run with Goupil. Just shy of 6 miles (41+). Protein shake, but no dinner. Duck Dynasty (feel asleep at some point for about an hour) and bed by 11pm.

March 28th: Another work day of 6am-4:30pm. Double deceker PB&J with a Clif Bar. Busy day overall. I couldn't imagine having a salary job for Globalfoundries. Home to have my Amazon package in my apartment building. Lumbar support and king-sized heating pad. Relaxed and out for 9 miles (62:44) around 6:30ish. Beef stew for dinner and bed at some point.

No more sore back.
March 29th: Finally Friday and another 6am-4:30pm workday. Easy day. Goup and I decided to get the run out of the way before heading to NH. 5 miles (34:40) at 5:30ish. Stretch, foam roll, protein shake, and on the road by 6:45pm. At Kimber's apartment by 9:15pm. Stopped at CVS right before to grab a few Vitamin waters because I forgot my Nalgene bottle of Gatorade in the freezer (I wanted it cold for the car ride, oops). Watched some television and bed by 11ish.

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