New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Choose Carefully

April 14th (Sunday): 10am wakeup. Downstairs for a banana and some television. Made some eggs with cheddar cheese. Chilled out. Kimber's sister Erin and her husband along with Brookie stopped over for a short while.

Changed up for a run and out the door for a 13.5+ miler (1:34:54). The first 1.5 miles with Kimber up a wicked steep hill. She made it. The rest of the run was pretty hilly (I tried to find every hill along the way), but scenic. Beautiful day out.

Back to stretch, shower, and pack up my things to head back to NY by 5pm. Home by 7:45pm. A few hours spent on filing my taxes with my dad and bed by 11:30pm.


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