New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 8, 2013

Travel Day To Florida

April 4th: 3:18 wakeup. Out of bed by 3:25am. Dressed, protein shake and one sweep through the apartment to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything major. Taxi picked me up at 3:45am. Same guy (AA taxi, one man business) that picked me up for my flight to California back in December. We left the apartment and drove the same roundabout way to the highway. He brought me there safely and on time. Can't complain. 

 To ensure that I woke up in time for the taxi.

Direct route = 0.55 miles

Roundabout way = 0.88 miles (plus through a mall parking lot)

Boarding passes with no problem. Security check was smooth. Clif Bar while waiting in line. Boarded at 5am. Quick 1.5 hour flight to Washington DC by 7am. Napped for 45 minutes on the plane. 1 hour layover. I grabbed a mini Cinnabon for a second breakfast and walked a couple laps in the terminal to stretch out the legs. Waited to board. 2.5 hour flight to Fort Myers. Big plane and about half full. I had a window seat and the other two seats were wide open. Ending up laying out at one point and napped for a short time. Ginger ale and orange juice to ease the stomach.

  Mini cinnabon.

 Five Guys?! Maybe not at 7:30am.

Wide open seats. Sweet!

No baggage claim needed since I just did a carry-on and a personal item (my man purse aka North Face backpack). My grandma picked me up at the airport. On our way down to the Everglades, we stopped at Walmart for a few items and "food." Purchased an entree and 2 sides for $3.88 + tax. Chicken wings, mac and cheese and potato wedges. The guy loaded the thing up. Ate the wings and some of the mac and cheese in the car. I was full and felt slightly unhealthy from the low quality of food. Stopped eating and didn't even touch the potato wedges.
All cooked in bags.

At the Captain's Table by 1:30pm. My dad, grandpa and uncles (David and Darin) were out fishing so I was able to relax and take a nap. Not even 5 minutes in, my grandma was back because I didn't grab my luggage from the backseat. She left and 5 minutes later knocked on the door with my grandpa's wallet. Once she was on her way, I passed out for 1+ hour. Woke up at 4:30ish to cottonmouth so I made some Gatorade in a mini glass with the tap water (not recommended on drinking by the locals a few years back, but I was desperate).

Out at 5:30pm for 7 miles (49+) with some strides at the end. The forecast said thunderstorms and rain at 8pm. It arrived early. Poured rain, but I couldn't have be happier. It was sorta muggy outside and it broke the humidity. When it's in the 80's, rain is never a bad thing

Back to stretch and eat some dinner with the guys. Spaghetti and meatballs. Iced and relaxed.

Solid first day. No speed bumps and my first time flying 100% alone. Airports are great places to people watch.

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