New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, April 12, 2013

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

April 7th (Sunday): 6:30am wakeup. A few homemade bagels for breakfast. On the water by 7:30am. Another amazing day fishing. Catching some small mangrove snappers, trout, and others. We were hitting this one mangrove shoreline and I spotted something from the boat. Casted my line in the exact location. Bam! Fish on! Brought it to the edge of the boat and it was a decent size Redfish on the hook. My grandpa grabbed it out of the water. We checked the size and 18 inches! A keeper! Sweet.

Grandpa and I.
Grandpa's boat.

The rental boat.
At another point in the day, we were casting into the grass flats and my line was caught on the bottom. We were only in about 1.5 feet of water (5 miles from shore and in the Gulf of Mexico) and popped off the boat to unstuck myself. Weird feeling to be standing out in the middle of the water with water completely surrounding me.

Action shot.
Fished until about 4:30pm. Back to the hotel to change into some running clothes. Organized pictures and sent over some of the better photos to others. Showed off the panoramic option on the iPhone. Out for a easy short run at 6:30pm. 5+ miles. 10 x 1 min on/off (not that hard) to have the run pass by quicker. I used my wisdom that was passed down to me by a couple of veterans (Greg Hammett and Tim Van Orden). Hammet let me know that the benefits from 30 minutes to 60 minutes isn't a huge amount so he makes sure that he minimally runs 30 minutes while on vacation. TiVo (while working out down in Albany) stated that training in humidity has similar effects as training at altitude. I put all this perspective and told myself to keep it shorter today. Thanks guys!

Guys being guys
More fried fish (Redfish and Trout caught that day), veggies and some leftovers to clean out the fridge. Over to the Rod and Gun Club around 9pm for a cocktail and some billiards. Back by 10ish to relax and head to bed by 10:30ish.



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