New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Front-Loading and Monday Traditions

April 22nd (Monday): 6:15am wakeup. 2.5 miles (18:08) with Goup. Ran a loop and it was short. No complaints. Good shakeout with a decent hill in the middle. Work 7:30am-4pm. Normal day at work. Leftover Kashi pizza and wings from the weekend for lunch.

Stopped off at the house to change into running stuff and meet up with Shaun at the SIMBA trails off Daniels Road in Saratoga . About 10 minutes into the car ride, I realized I forgot my trainers. We were already running a little late so we stopped off at Dick’s Sporting Goods to grab a fresh pair. Lunar Fly 3’s. The normal trainers I wear.

Just shy of 9 miles (61:18) at 5:30pm. Shaun led the group and I worked on my footing/rhythm in the trails. Some technical terrain throughout the trails (Great practice for the mountain series). Back to the dirt parking lot to stretch and chill. We were supposed to grab all you can eat pizza ($5) at the local place, but Shaun’s girlfriend started her new job so he headed home to make dinner for her. We are trying to make the Monday trail run a tradition AND the pizza. We will see.

Home to make something for dinner and head to bed at a decent hour.
April 23rd (Tuesday): No morning run. Protein shake for breakfast. Work 7am-3:30pm. Spring mix salad with cucumbers, shredded baby carrots, lemon juice, and ranch dressing. Simple ingredients, delicious combo. Car overheated on the way to work. Car worked fine on the way home. Back to the house to switch cars and swing by the old apartment to grab a few more things and my training plan.

Back to the house by 5pm. Out for a workout by 5:20pm. The workout was 3xmile. 6x200. Goup said I was going to the track, but I suggested to do it on a hill. I found the perfect one. Starts on a dead end by the Zim Smith trail and is somewhat secluded from traffic. Ranges from steep to gradual incline. Solid hill. I ended up mapping the mile and it was roughly 7 seconds long. With the added 7 seconds, it went 5:31, 5:26: 5:25. Rest was the mile downhill back to the start. Ended with 30-31 second hill sprints (the 1st section and the steepest part of the hill). Overall, the workout was similar to a Drummer Hill session. The hill just wasn’t as intense. 3 mile warmup (20 + strides). 3.5 mile cooldown (25:54). 14 miles on the day. Felt strong.

Stretching, foam rolling, icing and a protein shake to aid in the recovery process. Continuing my goal of touching my toes. Threw in a load of laundry downstairs in the basement and relaxed by watching some Family Guy. Bed soon after.

April 24th (Wednesday): 6am wakeup. 3 miles (22:01) on my own in the frigid morning air. Gloves and a hat were required. Protein shake for breakfast. Been adding some Stony Field French vanilla yogurt in the protein shake and it's making them that much more awesome.

Work 7am-3:30pm. I was able to teach contractor safety orientation because 36 people showed up for the class (normal Wednesday class). A couple of my contractor buddies were in there so it actually made it easier. The rest of the day was a scheduled and easy flowing day.

Back to the house to chill and have a nice conversation with my Uncle David. He’s painting a commercial shopping center place and needs to use scaffolding and ladders. I was able to provide him with safety advice and guidance on a couple different things. Caught up on life and off on my way to a run. I mapped out a 7 mile loop (or so I thought) around Ballston Lake. There is no 7 mile loop possibly. I ended up with 13 (85:56). Found some cool roads and trails on my out and back. A guy helped me out and let me check out a map on his tablet he was using. Saw Goup around 10 miles and gave me a funny look. Solid run. At least it was nice weather out (high 60's) and I was fueled up well before the run. No complaints.

Back to the house to stretch, foam roll and make a protein shake. Toasted a couple bagels. Layered on honey on two halves and peanut butter on the other two. Washed it all down with some Gatorade. Goup and I watched The Fast and The Furious (the 1st one). Shower and bed right after.
42 miles in 3 days. Oops! Short workout and a couple single run days with the travel to Leominster this weekend to see my parents and sisters! Local 5K on Sunday with some miles on either side. Should be a fun-filled time!


Bored at work.

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