New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cadbury Eggs and "Surgery"

April 2nd: 4:55am wakeup. Out for an easy 20 minute shakeout in the flurries and frigid cold. Back for a protein shake and work 6:30am-4:30pm. Burrito mix with cheese and pineapple salsa for lunch. Easy day at work. Busy, but the day goes by quick.

Home by 5pm to chill and eat a bunch of Cadbury eggs (almost finished the bag). I decided to wait to drink the apple cider until after the run. The planned workout was 7 mile loop with 8 x 1 minute on/off. Solid run, but the calves were achy from the race still. 7 miles in 44:42. Felt smooth and work was done.

Stretch, foam roll, and lots of icing. The lifting routine won't start until after Florida. Goup has been reading a bunch of articles on lifting so we will try something a little different this training cycle. Excited to get huge (aka stronger). Protein shake to aid in the muscle recovery and major beefing up.

Made a list for Florida to eliminate forgetting anything necessary. The plan is to do a carry-on so I need to remember what I can't bring (toothpaste, body wash, contact solution, etc). Some television and bed by 10:30pm.

Just shy of 10 miles today and glad I force myself out for a morning run. Good day overall.

I did perform some surgery on my toenail at night. Before and after pictures of the left toenail (the right one fixed itself when I stubbed in a few weeks ago).

Before (gross).
After (much better).

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