New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 15, 2013

Apartment Hunting Week

April 8th (Monday): 8:30am wakeup. A bowl of cereal for breakfast. Travel up to Naples to my grandparents condo. Used the Bump app to exchange photos between iDevices. Lunch at Bamz (a dive down the street). Ordered a chili cheese dog and a lemonade. Back to the condo to relax. Run at 5pm in the 85 degree humidity. 9 miles (62:14 + strides). It's difficult to find places to go number 2 in Florida. No coverage or woods. I figured it out. Dinner. Grandma's chicken parm. Mmmm. Dad's childhood friend came over for dinner.

April 9th (Tuesday): Long day overall. 5am wakeup. Travel back to NY. Flight at 8:20am, but my dad had his flight at 7am. Grandpa dropped us both off at 6:10am. Through security. I was stopped for my bags of instant rice and powder Gatorade in my carry-on. Oops! I should of just taken them out for security. The Gatorade had to go through a test. All clear.

Stopped at Starbucks for a smoothie and a muffin. Ordered a strawberry banana smoothie and a double chocolate chip muffin. No smoothie. No banana at first (that's okay). No strawberries. Hmm. Just the muffin. The cashier/manager/supervisor wasn't very respectful to his co-workers. Oh well. Connecting flight in Charlotte, NC. 1.5 hour layover. A few laps in the huge terminal. Decided on Cinnabon again with a strawberry smoothie. Everything was so unhealthy in the airport. Oh well.
Landed in Albany by 2pm. Taxi picked me up at 2:30pm. Home by 3ish. Relaxed and out for a run by 3:45pm. 5 miles (29:15). I used Pete Thomas' advice from college. If you don't have much time, get 5 miles in 29 minutes. Okay. If I can't get in the quantity, make the run a quality one. Off to the night shift to cover the shut down from 5pm-12am. Easy stuff.

April 10th (Wednesday): 6:45am wakeup. Protein shake for breakfast. Work 7:30pm-4pm. Called some apartments throughout the day. Mostly voicemails. Set up a showing for the next day. Stopped back in Clifton Park to pick up running stuff and head up to Saratoga to drive around. Called a few more places. Ran with a buddy, Shaun Donegan, in SPAC. 7.5 miles (49:38 + 6xstrides). Pouring rain out, but wicked fun to run through some trails and puddles. Home to shower and relax before bed.

April 11th (Thursday): We had two showings for the afternoon (4:15pm and 4:45pm). Work 7am-3:30pm. I was supposed to teach contractor safety orientation at 7:30am. Popped up to the Projects Building to find 3 people sitting in the class (usually there is anywhere from 20-50 people). Manager told me to cancel and have them come back the next day. We just went to 5 days of training this week so not everyone knows. Previously, it was Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Thursday wasn't a popular day.

Up to Saratoga to met for our 1st showing. Shot a call to the guy. No answer. Multiple no answers and no exact address given. Stood up. Our next showing was 4:45pm at Whitmore Court Apartments. Nice place, but smaller. Freshly renovated (still under construction). 3rd floor. Balcony. Unfortunately, the lady sounded a little desperate and there were some negatives. Drove around to look for more places. Called another place and set one up for same day at 6pm. Again, smaller and not much storage. We texted our buddy Derrick Staley to get details on his place in Ballston Spa. That was our goal for the next day.

Home by 7pm. Decided on a day off to continue apartment hunting and avoid the 35 degree rain. Hit up the grocery store for a few things with Goupil. Kashi pizza, bananas, chocolate syrup, and milk. Protein shake for dinner and the Mediterranean pizza. Wreck It Ralph from Redbox. Such a good movie.

The apartment hunt is difficult and we really want a house ideally with storage space. We will see how things go.


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