New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Bad Day Of Fishing Is Better Than A Good Day At Work

April 6th: 5am wakeup. 5:15am out of bed for a big breakfast. Cherrios, a banana, and 3 eggs with toast and jelly. Grabbed 100 live shrimp from the bait shop and on the water by 7am. Fished all day until 4:30pm. Ham, cheese, red pepper panini leftover, two ham salad sandwiches, a couple Clif Bars and a Gala apple throughout the day.

Caught a bunch of fish. No keepers on my part, but a beautiful day on the water. Windy at times, but wicked fun as always.

A quick shower when we strolled back to the hotel before the run to attempt to feel refreshed before the run. 10 miles (69:54) down the main strip to the next part of town. Relaxing run at 5:30pm.

Frog on the gutter at the hotel.
Shower, small dinner and bed by 10pm.

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