New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fast Friends 4.5 Miler Race Report

March 30th: 7:30am wakeup. Bathroom was the first and most important thing. Instant packet of oatmeal for breakfast. Packed up my things and over to Keene to the race venue (Fast Friends across from Market Basket).

Parked and inside to register for the race. 20 bucks on race day. Cheapest race I know with sweet prizes. Port-o-potty before a warmup with Goup. 2.5 miles (16:56). Changed up into my singlet and flats inside the building. Sticked the legs and over to the line for strides.

Another classic ready, set, go by Andy McCarron at 9:15am. Off the line well and just like last year. Mark Miller matched my first mile and we exchanged places a couple times before splitting 4:49 (Hammett said it was short). An immediate left up Ash Hill and the biggest climb in the race. Probably about 0.4 mile uphill and 0.6 downhill for the 2nd mile. I crushed the uphill knowing I can equally crush the downhill. Through in 10:0x. A commanding lead (from what the biker let me know). Kept surging the next mile to 15:0x. Let off the 4th mile (tough mile and body semi locked-up, but nothing serious). 4 miles: 20:30. Finished up the last uphill 1/2+ to the finish in 23:16 for 1st. Grabbed some warm clothes and 2.5 mile cooldown (17:36) through Yale Forest with a bunch of the guys. Award ceremony. Another half a gallon of Pure New Hampshire maple syrup from the town over Marlborough. Sweeeeeeet!

Over to Fowler street for a shower and Mario Kart. Chilled and over to Andy McCarron's house (race director and CMS member) for the next 12 hours. Lots of food, Polish horseshoes, cuddling/snuggling with dogs, guitar jamming, and Taboo. Always wicked fun. I wish I had the whole day on video.

Home by 3am.

Charles: Mix of pitbull and greyhound (mostly pitbull).
We were sitting on his bed (aka the couch).

Best buds. Charles and Dash.

Lean on me.

Puppers. I look Asian.


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