New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


April 20th (Saturday): 8am wakeup. Bagel for breakfast. UHaul was reserved for 10am so we started taking apart the big things and packing up clothes. We gave Kimber the responsibility of the kitchen and dishes. Picked up the UHaul and brought it back to the apartment. The next 3 hours was spent bringing the couch, beds, futon, dressers, weight bench and any larger items into the back of the UHaul. Kimber and I made a short break at Starbucks for a coffee (I grabbed a petite vanilla bean scone) before heading over to unload into the Townhouse on Sylvan Trail.  Snacked on Nilla Wafers all day for energy pellets.

Unloaded all the smaller stuff into the garage space and moved the beds, couch, and futon through the front door. Much easier than the apartment in Clifton Park. Returned the UHaul by 2:30ish or so. Back to the new place to unpack a few things before changing up for an easy run. 7++ miles (50:47). Found a bike path that was secluded, hilly, ran by a river, and possibly short trail off of it. Already waaaaay better than flat, busy, bornig Clifton Park roads.

Kimber and I stopped at Hannaford's (almost brand new at the end of the complex) for a few things for dinner/snacks. Salad, Kashi pizzas, grapes, milk, bagels, orange juice, and yogurt. Heated up a couple medium sized pizzas in the oven and a salad.

Chilled the rest of the night. Bed at a decent hour for a longer run on Sunday.

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