New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wood Splitting

May 18th (Saturday): 7am wakeup. Rolled around on the couch. A couple pretzels before jumping out the door for an easy morning run. Explored some the roads and ending up getting a little disoriented. Just shy of 11 miles (74:38) in the heat.

Pinch points. Slightly purple.
Back to make a quick protein shake with some fresh strawberries before tackling a whole bunch of log splitting. 10am-5:30pm was dedicated to straight work. A couple short breaks including another serving of hotdogs with mad good condiments. Luckily, I've used a splitter couple times (US Forest Service and with my dad back in Newtown). We split between 3 to 4 cords of wood total. The only real labor was the picking up of the logs to place them on the splitting. Basically I squatted about 250 squats (not much weight necessarily, but it added up). I did catch my thumb once. Dang, it hurt.

More dogs.
Returned the splitter to Home Depot and stopped at the ghetto Market Basket for dinner items. Gourmet burritos. Ground turkey, pinto and black beans, corn, rice, sautéed peppers and onions, guacamole, salsa, sharp cheddar cheese, cilantro, and lime juice. Two hefty burritos and I was stuffed.

Sarah home by 9:30pm and chilled before crashing for the night. 


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