New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, May 31, 2013

Night Running

May 28th (Tuesday): Made the normal drive back to NY at 5:00AM. Leftover catering pasta for lunch. Home to just chill for a while on the couch.

Goup headed back to work for 7pm. I feel asleep on the couch for an hour or so. Goup and I finally left for a run at 8:45pm. Just shy of 10 miles (69:20) around some neighborhoods. As soon as we turned onto the main road, a biker passed us and told us, "You should have lights on." You gotta be f***in kidding me! This guy has a black road bike and dressed in all black. No reflectors or lights. It threw us off and we just continued on with our business with any remarks.

Back by 10pm. Protein shake and bed.

Killing it.

May 29th (Wednesday): 6:20am wakeup. Out for 2.5 miles (NT) in the morning. Normal day at work. Right down to the dealership in Albany to check out some VWs and Mazdas (for Goup) to pick out a new ride! Uhhh! Test drove a 2009 Mazda3 (standard). Smooth and spacious ride. Goup sealed the deal and the salesman tried to work his magic on me, but I ain't no fool. I'm a brick wall when it comes to convincing/persuading me on anything (some people might say stubborn). He told me I should just lease a car. I replied with, "My money is going no where. A car is an investment." He let me know a car is not an investment. Once I buy a new car, I plan on holding onto it for atleast 7-10 years. I think they might be a "small" investment. I want something I love and is reliable. I am thinking of learning how to drive manual. Goup said he would teach me that night. Sweetness.

Driving back to the house and my iPhone notified me that there is a tornado warning in affect until 7:30pm. So we decided this is a good time to teach me standard on the Acura while we wait out the storm. Beat it up before selling it. 2nd attempt at it. First time I was still in high school and was still learning to drive. Not a good combo. I was nervous, but did better than I thought. Starting on the hill was tough. I wasn't giving it enough gas. Goup might have some whiplash. Sheets of rain coming down so it allowed me to focus on the shifting.

10.5 miles (68:06) total at about 8:30pm. 20 minute tempo along the bike path with Goup. Covered 3.5 miles. 5+ miles before the tempo. A few miles back to the house to have 10.5. Solid workout.

May 30th (Thursday): 2.5 miles (15:44) quick on my own. Work 7:30am-4pm. Drove down to the dealership to grab the new whip! Goup finalized all the paperwork and we were on our way back to Ballston Lake.

10 miles (69:48) in the evening. Made it out the door a tad bit earlier by rolling out at 7:45pm. Explored some new roads and somehow clocked out 10. A one point we weren't sure if we needed to turn around. Silent confidence that we would pop out on a main road we recognized. We did. NBD.

Back by 9pm to put a steak in the oven and sauteed some shrooms/onions on the stovetop. Side of ranch and destroyed half the steak. Bed at a decent hour.

And a pitcher of Gatorade.

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