New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Half Of Week

April 29th (Monday): 6:30am wakeup. Protein shake for breakfast. Work 7:30am-4pm. Over to Clifton Park to do about 90% of the cleaning and pack up the belongings. Home by 5:30ish to unpack quickly and head up to Saratoga to the SMBA trails with Shaun Donegan. Just shy of 9 miles (57:04 + 5 strides up the dirt road). Solid run. Some gnarly terrain that's making me anxious for the mountain series.

Hit up the Forno Bistro on Broadway for the $8 special. A medium sized personal pizza with a brewski. Bianca pizza with spinach and chicken. Fresh grated parmesan and red pepper flakes sprinkles for some spice. Red Hook Red Ale to wash it all down. Delicious. Left half the pizza to have leftovers for lunch.

Home after 9pm to shower and head to bed.

April 30th (Tuesday): 6:20am wakeup. 3 miles (20:56) on my own. Protein shake for breakfast. Work 7:15am-3:45pm. Pizza and Clif Bar for lunch. Over to Clifton Park to finalize the cleaning (shower and kitchen) and drop off the keys at the office. Officially moved out of Clifton Park.

Stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things. Gatorade, bagels, milk, orange juice, and cereal. So hungry that I ate a bagel on the way home to Ballston Lake. Workout was 4x800 and 4x400. Tried out the hill on Sweet Road.

2.5 mile warmup (15:47 + strides). Steep section in the first 200 meters or so. Flat to the 400. Gradual climb to the 800. 2:39, 2:39, 2:39, 2:38, 77, 77, 77, 78. 2+ mile cooldown (14:58). 13 miles on the day. Protein shake for dinner.

May 1st (Wednesday): 6:10am wakeup. 3 miles (NT) on my own. Everything bagel with honey for breakfast. Double decker PB&J and Clif Bar for lunch. Work 7:30am-4pm. Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats as a snack when I arrived home.

Out for a run around 7pm. 6++ miles () on my own. It was only supposed to be a 5 miler, but I missed a turn and made it home within only a little more mileage. No complaints. Beautiful weather out. Chilled on the couch and fell asleep without showering. Eventually made it to my bed in the mid-morning hours.
Slippers at work? Yes, this is in the bathroom.

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