New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Week At A Time

May 20th (Monday): Travel in the morning from Massachusetts. Stopped off at the house to make a protein shake and a quick wrap for lunch. Work 8am-4:30pm. Easy day at work. Home by 5pm to change up and met our buddy Shaun for the SMBA trails in Saratoga. 10 miles total (67:07 + 6xstrides).  Nice tradition for Mondays and easy on the legs even with some of the rocky, hilly terrain.

Goup and I checked out the Honda dealership in Saratoga. Home to have another protein shake and an everything bagel with peanut butter/honey combo. Bed at a decent hour.

May 21st (Tuesday): 3 miles (20:44) on the my own. Work just like any other day. Protein shake and bagel for breakfast. Double decker PB&J, a Nature Valley bar and a bunch of raisins for lunch. Once home, another Nature Valley bar for a snack before out for 7 miles (48:23) with Goup. 

Last mile, a bug/gnat directly flew into my eye and scared the sh** out of me. Made it home to find the creature chilling at the bottom of my eye. Wiped it out. Good to go.

42 inch Vizio television arrived today from Woot. Boom baby! Wicked excited. Goup and I set it up immediately (before the 2nd run) because it was that important.

Thunderstorm at night time. Tried to get a picture of the lightning, but this is the best I could do.

Sorta artistic.

May 22nd (Wednesday): No morning run. Worked on the contractor safety orientation (revising the entire thing for Globalfoundries) so I've been at for a few hours a day since last week. Another PB&J for lunch with a Nature Valley bar. 

Around 1pm, my eye started to bother me and it became progressively worse by the time I got home. Wicked bloodshot. Hurt like a b****h to move my eye around when my eyelid was closed. I stopped at Hannafords to pick up eye drops, honey, and potatoes. A couple home remedies I came across because I am a hippy. I tried some salt water flush (ouchies), a honey drop directly in the eye (never will do that again) and the eye drops. Just made it more red. 

Oh well, off to the Burnt Hills track for a workout. 6x1000 (400 rest), 4x200 (200 rest). 3 mile (21:24) warmup through the neighborhoods. A couple guys on the track doing some speedwork. Cruised through my workout and I didn't even notice my eye. 3:02, 3:03, 3:02, 3:02, 3:01, 2:59, 34 (dogged it), 32, 31, 30. 6+ miles on the track in 35:05. The time inlcluded the moving of the benches and table off the backstretch on my first rest interval. 

12 miles on the day. Sent out an email letting my manager know I probably won't be coming in tomorrow due to the eye. Called my mom on the way home from work to let her know. Being the best mom she is, she searched for an urgent care place in the area for me to stop in the next morning. Sent me the website and everything. 

Macknight classic to add the hot pepper rings.

May 23rd (Thursday): 6:30am wakeup. Over to the urgent care place in Clifton Park. Vitals taken, doctor checked my eye out, and prescribed me a couple eye drops. Cool doctor with a wicked sick name. Axel Herrmannsdoerfer. He had a thicker accent and I thought he mumbled his name when he introduced himself. No, it was just a mouthful to say after I looked at his ID tag. Great guy and helped me out.

Over to Walmart to drop off the prescriptions. Cruised through Walmart for some essentials. Cereal (non-GMO), body wash, shaving cream, Clif Bars (30 total in 4 different flavors), hand soap, and a new hamper.





Stopped at the pickup counter for my prescriptions. The drops for the infection (with coupon from doctor's office) was $25 bucks. Coolio! The other stuff (drops for allergies even though I don't have any) was $153. Whoa! Talked with the pharmacist and I let him know my incident with my eye. No need for the allergy stuff. Phew! 

Swung by work to pick up my laptop so I could work from home (the PowerPoint). Home by 11am. Out for a run at 11:30am. 4 miles (29:47). Back to foam roll and make myself a quick protein shake. Work 12:30pm-6:30pm. No television was put on or anything. Short break for a bowl of cereal around 3pm. PowerPoint is getting a complete makeover. It helped to work in a extra quiet environment and not have anything else to do. Productive time.

Out for a 2nd run at 7:15pm. 9.5 miles (67:14) and it was an relaxing exploration run of some walking path I always pass. Soft terrain and made some connections with the Zim Smith trail. Always a plus. Picked up my package from Julbo. A couple pairs of sunglasses. Uhhhh! Ran the last 1/2 mile with the package. The mailboxes are located in the Hannafords shopping center at the end of our complex. Brought the key along because I saw that it was delivered before my run (the power of online tracking). Probably looked strange to innocent bystanders driving by as this guy is running with a package down through the main road of the complex.

Back to stretch, foam roll, and stay motivated to clean/organize my room for the 1st time since we moved in back at the end of April. Put away all my clothes in my closest. Set up my shelf to put away more clothes. Done by 11:45pm. Bed.

May 24th (Friday): 3 miles (21:12) on my own. Friday was work. Eye feeling exponentially better after 24 hours. It was almost instantly on the upswing after a few hours of the first drop Thursday morning. Ca-chang. Home by 4:30pm. Folded some shirts and packed simultaneously. Protein shake and on the road by 5:15ish. Some traffic on the on-ramp of the Mass Pike in NY. Other than that, smooth sailing with some periods of rain through the drive.


Mezcal with Sarah and Bob for dinner. Burrito and big servings of guacamole. Home by 10:30pm. Bed by 12am.

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