New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recovery with Easy Miles

May 6th (Monday): 5am wakeup. Out the door by 5:20am from Ferenc's back to NY. Lena and Ellie (his two dogs) slept on the futon with me. Lena headed upstairs around 3am. Lena jumped up when my alarm went off (barking dog) and was on the alert. I turned it off before she could truly register the bark and go crazy. Smooth and scenic ride through Vermont in the early hours of the morning.

Arrived at the house by 7:35am and showered up (since I didn't yesterday). Work 8am-4:30pm. Quick protein shake for breakfast. Wings for lunch. Famous Amos cookies from the vending machine to hold me over after lunch.

Home to change up quickly and eat a Clif Bar as we walked out the door. Scheduled run with Shaun and Jen Adams. 10 miles (74:24) through all the trails at Saratoga State Park. Straight soft terrain that felt great on the legs. Legs were a bit junky, but not terrible.

Chilled at Shaun's truck after the run to catch up and just chill. Home by 8:20ish. Swung by the grocery store for decent shopping ($50 bucks worth). Thinly cut steak, mushrooms & onions, and pasta for dinner.

Bed by 10:30pm.

May 7th (Tuesday): 6:30am wakeup. Out the door for 3 miles (20:57) at 6:40am. Honey Bunches of Oats and a protein shake for breakfast. Work 7:30am-4pm. Slow day overall at work. Steak and pasta for lunch. Goup was heading to Skidmore in Saratoga for a workout. I wasn't in any rush to run so I just sat on the couch for a while. Drove down to the bike path off Ruhle road and explored some hiking trails at 7:45pm. Not too extensive, but easy on the legs. 7.5+ miles (57:34). Ran along some power lines and out to the main road. Popped into some trail off the main road (Eastline Road) and it just continued further and further. Once I saw a couple tree stands for hunting, I made the smart decision to turnaround. Beautiful skies (again camera would of been nice) and great weather for a night run.

Back to make an egg omelet almost immediately because I was hungry. Chocolate milk to accompany the meal. Bed by 11pm.

Ketchup and hot sauce.

May 8th (Wednesday): Tough to get out of bed. No morning run. Protein shake for breakfast. Work 7:45am-4:15pm. PB&J, carrots with ranch dressing and a Clif Bar for lunch. Added a Blueberry (artificially flavored) Redbull in the mix to push through the 2nd half of the work day. Tired, just need some extra sleep the next couple days.

Home to change up immediately, but just sit on the couch. Waited for the rain to pass. Out at 6:30pm or so for an exploration 10 miler (74:26). Found a trail system that we almost got lost in right by the house, but it was all single track and nice. Popped out at the trailhead and checked out the map. Not as extensive as well, but not a bad place to get lost for a bit. Straight back.

Dinner preparation almost right away again because I was starving. Burrito mix (with the addition of ground turkey). Fresh avocado on top. Watched the Miami Heat game. Showered up. Dropped the hot sauce on the kitchen floor. Glass bottle didn't break, but the top shot off. Hot sauce started pouring out. Windexed the floor and good to go. Smooth moves. Bed early with a shot of Nyquil to put myself out (and a precautionary act).

Pile of deliciousness.

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