New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stacking Miles

May 19th (Sunday): 8am wakeup. An egg and oat bran for breakfast. Changed up and packed up for the race. Arrived by 9am. Picked up the number. Met Goup for a warmup. 2 miles (14:51). Inside to use the restrooms. Some strides and switched into flats. Late start to the race so some extra strides and jogging around the starting line. Ran by myself for an easy win in 16:17. 3 mile cooldown (21:45) with the 2nd place finisher David Brooks, Goup and my sister Sarah. Another 3+ miles (the course, 24:07) with Goup. 10 for the morning.


Back to the house to stack some wood. Eat some leftover burritos. Stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods and the grocery store. Sarah baked a cake and Bob picked up some Kimball's ice cream. Late lunch so ice cream and cake for dinner! Before devouring lots of desserts, I headed out for another 8+ miles (52:54 with the last 5k+ in 19:26). Tempoish run that was in the rain and felt great. 19 miles on the day.

Dog bone.You can look up pizzle.

Rewarded my 85 mile week and solid day of miles with some ice cream and cake and cake! Chilled the rest of the night and bed by 11pm. Leaving for NY in the morning.

Played this while I ate my first bites.

Almond cake. Best cake ever.

Raspberry chocolate chip from Kimball's.

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