New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recovery Is Key

February 25th: 4:30am wakeup. Packed up my car with all my stuff. On the road by 4:50am. Stopped for gas in Leominster and purchased a couple Special K Pastry Bars, some cinnamon sugar Pop-tarts, and a Redbull. Smooth ride. Work 7:45am-4:15pm. Bought lunch. Burger with bacon and the works.

The "best" part of my drive
Back to the apartment by 4:30ish to relax for a while. The training plan called for 5 miles and that that's what I was shooting for today. Changed up for an easy 5+ miles (40:51) at 6:30pm. Calves, quads, and IT bands were definitely tight. It felt better to run than to walk. Once I finished my run, the soreness set right back in. Foam rolled for a long time and hot shower to aid the stretching.

Low visibility walking into work
Hit up Da Choppa for groceries. Steak, ground turkey, milk, orange juice, paper towel, toilet paper, and a Kashi Mediterranean frozen pizza (for dinner). Cooked it up on the pizza stone and devoured it. Delicious. Spinanch, sweet red peppers, red onion, 4 different cheese including feta and roasted red pepper sauce with flax seed crust.

Bed by 11pm.


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