New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crushing It

February 2nd: 7:30am wakeup. Threw on the multiple layers. Over to the Mountain Bean for a sausage, egg and cheese with a side of chocolate frosted donut. Down the road for ski rentals, a few last minute purchases (skull cap for under the helmet and snacks across the street at the gas station). Over to Bretton Woods at 9ish. Lift tickets purchased and set up Kimber with a 1.5 hour group lesson (first timer) at 10am.


Great day of skiing. Clif Bar and beef jerky during our short break. Post lunch, Bob and I crushed it for a couple hours on the slopes. The temperature reached about 18 degrees at the height of the day. Done at 4pm. Kimber killed it. Grabbed a beer in the lodge. Back to the Four Seasons Motor Inn to relax, shower and watch some television.


Over to Fabyan's for dinner. Monster plate of chili nachos, Long Trail Blackberry Wheat and a French Onion burger (thinly sliced onions rings for a topping). We were so hungry that I didn't even capture any of the food for memories.

Back to the hotel to eat some brownies and relax. Bed by 9:30pm. Passed out hard.

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