New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, February 25, 2013

One Thing At A Time

February 23rd: 8am wakeup. Hung out in the kitchen before Sarah and I made our way out the door for an easy 7 miles (60:16). Calves still semi-sore from Thursday's workout, but recovering. Sarah made some oat bran topped with walnuts and sweetened with real maple syrup.

Hopped in the car to run some errands. Goodwill, bank, Target, and Market Basket. Everything went smoothly. I picked up Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon Crumble for 2/$5. I grabbed 4 boxes. It's $3.79 in Clifton Park. Sarah let me know it's always on sale at Market Basket. What?! Daaaamn.

Chilled on the couch before making chicken marsala and FaceTiming with my dad. A load of running clothes was thrown into the washer at some point in order to have clean clothes for the road race. Dinner and Taken 2 for a movie.

Bed by 11pm. DH Jones 10 Miler in the afternoon. The time was pushed back to 1pm instead of the 11am start. Cool with me. Should be a fun one especially with the snow factor. First race of the New England Grand Prix series.

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