New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

iPhone 4S (S Stands For Sucks)

February 18th: 4:30am wakeup. Out the door by 4:45am. A couple cinnamon scones for breakfast at about 5:45am. Stopped for a Redbull and an orange juice along the Mass Pike. Stopped off in Clifton Park to grab my access badge, a Clif Bar, and the remainder of the Oreos (I was doing well during the work week until the weekend). There are roughly 36 cookies (single stuffed, original) in a "box." Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I had 5 or 6 cookies for lunch each day. I ate a lump sum of them on Saturday afternoon. Monday for work, there were 5 remaining. With the simple math, that puts between minimum 13 cookies to a maximum of 16 cookies for Saturday (short window of time as well). They are my weakness.

Work 8am-4:30pm. Leftover spaghetti for lunch. Home to relax and connect to the wireless network with my iPhone 4S. It wasn't recognizing any networks so I reset my network settings. Wifi greyed out. What??? My less than 72 hour old phone has broken again. I called up Apple Technical Support (AppleCare) and they gave me the lowdown of my options. The best solution was to bring it back to the store and have them replace it (for free) because it's under warranty (and it's clearly a software/hardware/manufacturer's defect). I barely handled the phone all weekend. I ordered a LifeProof case off Amazon to ensure no more possible damage to my phone (water proof, snow proof, dirt proof, and shock proof). Sweet.

Out for a venting solo 8+ mile (56:34) run in the evening around 6:45pm. Smooth run. Right hamstring and calf were tight, but my positive thinking about my next phase of training put it at bay and in the back of my head (Chi running). Back to stretch, foam roll, and pop in the shower.

Made a protein shake with the Magic Bullet and cooked up some chicken. Ate it with some pasta and cheese. Watched Guy Code and headed to bed by 10:15pm.

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