New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend Begin

February 1st: 9:30am wakeup. Pounded Gatorade hard. Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast. Watched some television. Packed up my bags and off to Connecticut to renew my license at AAA. Out the door around 10:45am.

Arrived in Enfield around 12:30pm. In and out 15 minutes later. The lady was real nice (initially fairly monotone) and warmed up to me. I guess I can understand when you probably have to deal with all sorts of people at AAA. Devoured my leftovers from my birthday dinner (chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, and russian dressing sandwich) and some soggy french fries in the parking lot. Filled up on gas along the Mass Pike.

New license with a sweet signature.
Up to Leominster Massachusetts to Sarah's by 3pm. Chilled and out for a run at 4:30pm. 10+ miles (68:17) with 6 out and back surges on sideroads.Solid run and focused on killing any uphills. Back to stretch, foam roll and shower. Packed up the car with Bob/Sarah and off to pick up Kimber on the way north to Twin Mountain, NH. Stopped for food in Peterborough for dinner. Interesting small little sandwich/convenience shop. A couple short naps in the backset of the F-150 and arrived by 11:45pm. Bed by 12:15am.

Old license. 17 years old.

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