New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Assortment of Things

February 5th: Normal day. Cereal for breakfast. Work 7:30am-4pm. Chicken tenders for lunch. 9 miles (60:10) at 5:15pm. Back to stretch, shower, foam roll. Protein shake. Goup picked up Here Comes The Boom (with Kevin James) from Redbox. Watched that. Friggin hilarous. Chocolate milk. Bed by 11pm.

February 6th: Another basic day. Work 7:30am-4pm. Cereal for breakfast. Pasta and veggies with spices for lunch. Attempted a workout in the frigid cool. The goal was 6x400 and 4x200. Fast. Didn't exactly happen. 3+ mile warmup (23:06). Switched into my Nike Streak LT (first time). Felt solid. 69, 70, 72, 74, 80 (ouch). Switched to the 200's and Goup had me do 6x200. Felt great. It was only the homestretch for the 200's so there was no wind tunnel. 31, 31, 31, 29, 28, 29. The rest on the backstretch was terrible. 2 mile cooldown (14:13). 9 miles on the day. Home to stretch, foam roll, and throw in Here Comes The Boom again? Yeah, I think so.

February 7th: Work 8am-4:30pm. Home to relax and we were in no rush to run. We ventured over to Target to check out running watches. We ended up leaving with over $200 between the two of us. A couple of essentials such as body wash and Clif Bars. Goup grabbed a Sony surround sound system. We grabbed fluorescent Nalgene bottles. Back to the apartment to set it all up and cut out the run for the day. Day off. With the new system hooked up, the only thing that felt right was to watch Here Comes The Boom for a 3rd time. Just as funny. Twisting!

Surround sound. The tall speakers are not in use (just used as shelves).
The Wii Remote found in the bag next to the television. Hmm.
Explosion inside. Instant garbage.
Culprit. Don't buy these batteries.
Dinner. Cheese, pickle, and ketchup sandwich.
Watches synced. The newest on the right.
February 8th: Day off from work to attempt to beat the weather. Driving ban ending up taking affect today and a late start to the snow in NY. Relaxed in the morning. Run at 12:30pm. 17 miles (2:02:24). Explored Clifton Park for all it's trails and whatnot. Ran through a couple snow covered corn fields, hit a few side trails and the rest on the roads. Solid run. Slipped on some ice and caught myself with my left thumb. Chilled the rest of the day/night. Returned my brand new watch to Target and grabbed the other one I was hestitating to purchase. The Timex Expedition (original watch I bought) has the split function, but no recall function. I stepped it up with the Timex Ironman with Flix Technology and 100 lap memory. Sweetness. Flick of the wrist and the indiglo lights up. 100 laps for my countless (sometimes illogical or pointless) splits.

With the storm coming through over the weekend, Goup and I made the decision early in the week to shred up the slopes somewhere in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. With the driving ban in Mass, we leaned towards New Hampshire and somewhere close to his Mom's house. Gunstock it is.

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