New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Apples + Dunkin 5K Weekend

September 21st (Saturday): Woke up on the couch after a great night sleep. I hadn't showered after last night's run. Oh well. Made myself some oat bran with maple syrup and almond milk. Vegged out on the couch before changing up the shorts and socks (kept the same shirt on) for the morning run. 7.5 miles (53:35) on my own at 10:30am. Relaxing run. Hopped on the short trail system for a couple miles. Back to foam roll, protein shake it up, ice, shower, and head over to Rexford for apple picking with a couple buddies at 1pm.

Bought about 6+ pounds of apples, a bag of caramel, a gallon of apple cider, a large jar of honey, and a dozen cider donuts. Support the local community. Hung out for a bit before making it home by 4ish. Back on the couch to relax and watch television. I packaged my cider donuts into sandwich bags to elongate the freshness (and proportion them evenly for myself, 2 donuts a sitting). I packaged 10 total. 2 were eaten while I was packing them. One was squashed so it would of been inhumane to let it suffer.

 To control myself.

 Local. Keeps the sickness away.

Eventually I was out for my 2nd run around 6pm or so. 5.5 miles (39:18) on my own. Back to make a hearty meal for dinner. Washed it all down with a protein shake. See below:

Clockwise: Sweet potato with maple syrup and butter, BBQ chicken over a bed of rotini, broccoli.
Both chicken and broccoli topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic.

September 22nd (Sunday): 6am wakeup. Downstairs to make some oat bran with maple syrup and almond milk. Gathered up all my stuff for the race. On the road by 6:50am to head down to Albany with Jeff and Kristen. Arrived by 6:30ish. Picked up the bib inside and back to the car to huddle up the crew for a warmup. 2.5 miles (18+) with Webster and Paley. Stopped in the woods for a number 2 break. Portajohn line was too long anyways. Back to the car to change up into the flats and strip down to racing gear.

Over to the line. Chuck let me know the winner from last year was here this year. Josh Edmunds from Liberty. 14:12 on the track back in college. Hmm and quick in the shorter stuff. 8:30am start. Off the line well. Lead from the gun. No messing around. Aggressive 1st mile and running in fear. 4:40's and kept it going. No one contended with me. It was a 2 lollipop loop course that started and finished in the same spot. The 2nd turnaround was a tight one so I could see the 2nd place person. I had a decent gap and kept it going. Finished in 15:00. Flat. Couldn't quite dip under 15, but a strong race. Happy with the results especially with the killer half marathon last week. 2nd place was 15:18.

Watched the 10k finish up and out for a 7 mile (51:03) with a bunch of guys (some on my own, some with others). Awards, light massage, and the scenic way home. Home by 12:45ish. Two apple cider donuts with a glass of apple cider were consumed almost immediately. Other snacks such as leftovers (broccoli and BBQ chicken). Relaxed the rest of the day with an assortment of Netflix movies. I started with End Of Watch, followed up with Charlie Bartlett.

Out for a easy 7 mile (47:27) around 6:30pm. Back to foam roll, make a protein shake, and shower up. Finished off the night with My Idiot Brother (starring Paul Rudd). The easiest (and best way) to get out for a shakeout run in the evening time after a race is to NOT SHOWER and NEVER CHANGE OUT OF YOUR RUNNING CLOTHES. Soak in the success and bring it into that 2nd run.

 Leftovers with apple cider.

Bed by 11pm. Added up the miles for the week. 107 miles for the week. PR for mileage and a road PR for the 5k. Another great week of training and loving every minute of it. Since pictures don't show up that quickly after NY races, I was unable to attach any pictures of the race.

Wait. Found a couple after some research.

  Start. Only 10 meters into the race.

Couldn't snag 1 second. Oh well. Still a 13 second PR on the roads.