New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Begins

September 1st (Sunday): 7:30am wakeup. Over to the gym to get in 8 miles at 8am before running with a big group at 9am. Beech Hill 7 plus some before swinging into the gym to gather up everyone. Najem, Garrity, and others sludged out to Goose Pond for 11+ miles. Jumped in around 7 miles. Felt amazing. Straight back to the gym. A single lap on the A fields to make it 20 (2:21:54). Great run overall.

Chilled and over to the DC for French Toast sticks, chocolate milk and Doctor Pepper. Back to Fowler to watch Happy Gilmore and Strange Animal Couples off Netflix before making the trek to CT. Smooth ride back to Newtown to just relax for the night. 96 miles for the week. Boom!

September 2nd (Monday):  Woke up and had some breakfast. Chilled at the house before my Dad and I swung down to the Honda Dealership in Hartford to check out a couple whips. A bunch of chatter with the salesman before test driving a 2010 and 2012 Honda Accord EX (both manual). My dad helped me out by performing the test drive since I'm sorta still learning to be smooth.

After extensive investigation on each car, I decided on the 2010. 1st installment down payment and arranged for a pickup the following weekend. Sweet!!! Spent from 12pm-3:30pm at the dealership from start to finish. Worth it. Made a big decision.

Home by 4:30pm to grab some food and get the door for an easy 10 miles (69:36 + strides). Ran the first couple miles with my dad before parting ways. Back for a hefty dinner of steak, potato and corn on the cob. Goup let me know that the rain was crazy in NY and I should probably stop driving (if I was on the road) and stay where I am. I was on the couch eating ice cream for dessert. Stay the night in CT was the right decision and leave early in the morning.

September 3rd (Tuesday): 4:55am wakeup. Drive to work in NY from CT. Bought breakfast and lunch at work. Made myself a bowl of oat bran for a snack when I arrived home. Called up some insurance companies for quotes on auto insurance. Geico gave me the best price (hands down). Workout at 7pm at the track. 12x400, 8x200. Mostly in the dark, but an overall solid workout.

74, 73, 74, 72, 71, 71, 69, 69, 68, 68, 68, 68, 33, 32, 32, 32, 33, 33, 32, 32. Worked on keeping it under control and the 200's were an acceleration to 100 meters. Focused on working the final stretch. 3+ mile warmup and 2 mile cooldown. 12 on the day with no morning run due to the traveling.

September 4th (Wednesday): Easy day overall. 5 miles (36:50). Leftover steak and potatoes for lunch. Purchased my car insurance with Geico. Out for another 8.5+ miles (62:33). Both runs felt kinda exhausting due to my early morning yesterday. Pushed through the weakness and salvaged a solid day. Bed by 9pm.

September 5th (Thursday): 4 miles (28:20) in the morning solo. Felt refreshed after 9+ hours of sleep. Normal day at work. Afternoon workout. Not as well as I wanted it to go. 4xmile. Quick. 800 rest.

3+ mile (20:17) warmup and 3+ mile (23:55) cooldown. Felt smooth through the 1st couple intervals, then the wheels fell off. 4:49, 4:46, 4:50, 4:59. 16.5 miles on the day.

Orzo rice, broccoli, beans, onions, and chicken. Seasoning. Delicious.
September 6th (Friday): Easy day all around. 3 miles (20:34) in the morning on my own. Major rancid gas through the whole day due to the large amount of veggies last night and for lunch. I needed the hearty meal though. I think my body was depleted. Home from work to get out for an easy 5 miles (35:25) with Goup at about 5:15ish or so.

Chilled at the house. Watched "Now You See Me." Good movie. Omelet for dinner. Bed at a decent hour.

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