New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish Strong

September 8th (Sunday): 9am wakeup. Breakfast. Chilled and out with my mom for errands. I chaffeured my mom around with the new ride. The first hour or so was dedicated to learning to drive in traffic as well as starting on a hill. Some stalls and bucking that gave my mom a real good solid laughing episode. TJ Maxx, swung by to see my Uncle David, and Walmart. Home by 2:30pm to change up for a long run.

Drove down the road to Kevin Hoyt's house to run the first halfish with him. 9+ miles (63ish). Inside to grab a drink of Gatorade and take a Clif Bar Shot Gel. Back out for a 10 mile loop at tempo pace. Ending up cruising the first 4 miles (mostly uphill) and starting hurting a bit. Salvaged the loop in 57:xx. 1 mile cooldown. 20+ miles (2:09:09) to finish off 92 mile week. A couple tough workouts and a survival long run. Gotta get back into the swing of things next week.

Met up with my high school buddy, Ben Wicki, for some ice cream at The Creamery. Drove the new whip to show it off to him. He was digging it and the fact that it was manual. He was able to give me a few tips since he drives stick too. Cool!

Back to the house to pack up and get on the road by 8:30pm. Home by 11:15pm. Bed soon after.

The old Subie and one of the main reasons I purchased a new car.

The link if you can't view the video...Subie Not Moving

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