New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back On The Saddle

September 11th (Wednesday): 5+ miles (37:12) on my own at 6:10AM. Back to foam roll and make a protein shake. Cooked up the rest of  the turkey meat into a burger for lunch. Separate container for the tomatoes and hot mamas. Grocery store after work for some large grocery shopping. Lots of yogurt, milk (almond and soy), snacks (vanilla wafers, fruit stripes, granola bars, etc).

Home to relax before heading out for a pre-run. I changed up and warmed up. Did not check the forecast, but it looked like rain. I made it just over a minute out when a crack of thunder caused me to jump out my skin. Turned right around and decided to wait it out.

Back to organize the recycables, empty the trash, do the dishes and check the weather more closely. A whole Clif bar right before I walked out the door. Back for a 2nd attempt around 7:30pm. Beautiful out. Light rain/mist. humidity was cut, and it turned out to be a great run. 8++ miles (57:55). 13.5 miles on the day.

Back for a protein shake and a bowl of yogurt with granola. Foam rolled. Relaxed and bed by 10pm.

September 12th (Thursday): 6am wakeup. 5+ miles (36:37) on my own at 6:15am. Protein shake for breakfast. Taught New Contractor Orientation (NCO) this thing in the morning. Busy day at work. Chicken wrap with spinach and tomato for lunch. Organic grapes for a snack. Clif Bar.

Home to organize my credit card online billing services. Squared away. This allowed me to workout with a clear mind. Graham cracker snacks and honey for a snack. Over to Burnt Hills by 6pm. Workout was 8 x 800/400 alternating with half rest. 800 interval, 400 rest, 400 interval, 200 rest, back into the 800.

3.25 miles (21:12) through the normal back neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the forecast was rain the whole time I was going to be present at the track. Lightened up for the warmup. Nothing too heavy during the workout.

2:28, 73, 2:26, 73, 2:26, 73, 2:25, 73, 2:25, 71, 2:25, 70, 2:24, 71, 2:23, 69.
9 miles on the track. Total time: 49:54. Solid workout, happy with the results especially after Tuesday's endurance workout. Changed gears well. Nothing too crazy. Focused on the 800's.

3 mile (21:05) for a cooldown. 20.5 miles on the day. Solid day. Home to foam roll, stretch, and make some avocado/salsa dip. Protein shake. Chips and the dip. Bed by 10:30pm.

Looks gross, but it was bomb. Seasoned with chili powder, cumin, black pepper and hot sauce.
Complimented with sweet potato tortilla chips.

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