New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Late Night Runs

September 19th (Thursday): 6am wakeup. 4 miles (30:21) on my own around 6:20ish. First mile was 8+ minutes and it felt amazing. Protein shake for breakfast. Chicken wrap with "chutney" for lunch and some snacks. The chutney was basically spinach, raw onions, raw red peppers and raw mushrooms. Busy and nonstop day at work. Home by 4:30pm. Grabbed the two containers of yogurt that didn't have too much left. Picked my two weapons to destroy the yogurt and granola I added with it.

I'm sorta addicted to yogurt.

Chilled on the couch and then out for 8+ miles (58:06) with Goup around 7pm. My Runningwarehouse shipment arrived this afternoon so I was able to rock my new Nathan high visibility vest. Beautiful night out and in the low 60's. Back to the house to have a bowl of Autumn Harvest. Going off my FaceTime conversation last night with Erin and Dom, I drizzled some New Hampshire maple syrup on top of the cereal. Bed at a decent hour.

You can't tell there is syrup on it, but it was good. The combo of vanilla almond milk is bomb.

September 20th (Friday): 6am wakeup. 5 miles (35:11) at 6:20ish. Protein shake for breakfast. Chicken wrap for lunch with some snacks for lunch. Long day of work 7:30am-5:30pm. Lunch was eaten at my desk as well. So it was a to say the least.

 Made in the morning.

Stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend. 3 more 2 pound containers of yogurt because it's an essential in my fridge. Some other things before making it home to just relax a bit. Out for 10+ miles (70+ minutes) on my own. Rocked my new high visibility vest PLUS the new Petzl Tikka 2 headlamp. Worked like a charm and wasn't even close to getting hit by a car.

Home by 8:20pm to FaceTime with my dad on the porch until I caught a chill. Inside to continue the conversation. Katie called the house phone at my parents' house. My dad threw her on speaker and we continued to FaceTime. 2 hours later, we ended the conversation. On the couch to relax and I ended up falling asleep on it. Oh well. Solid Monday-Friday. Dunkin 5k on Sunday.

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