New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, September 20, 2013

6 x mile + 400's (Dang!)

September 18th (Wednesday): 6am wakeup. Out for 5 miles (35:54) on my own. Normal day at work. Busy day with meetings and completing a bunch of tasks. Chicken with pinto/black beans wrap for lunch with a couple snacks.

Home just before 5pm. Relaxed on the couch for a few minutes and watched some of The Social Network. I was starving so I finished off my bunny graham cracker snacks and vanilla wafers. Washed it down with some honey. Upstairs to change up for my workout and gather up some warm clothes. On the road by 5:50pm over to Burnt Hills for a hefty workout. Similar to last week, but with some 400's at the end.

3.25 mile (20:57) in the back neighborhoods. Over to the track to drop off the bag, change into the flats, and get some strides in before starting up the workout.

The workout was a plan of 6xmile (200 rest), 400 rest after the last one to finish up with 4x400 (full rest). 5 seconds faster than last week's workout. I decided on 8-10 seconds faster. I was just going with the flow and letting my body cruise.

5:07, 5:06, 5:03, 5:02, 5:02, 5:00. 66, 65, 63, 63. Boom! 200 rest was keep between 47-51. I allowed myself to just trot off the full rest for the 400's to ensure I hit the 400's fast. Goup wanted me to get after it on the 400's and take the full rest. Total time of 48:59 for the 9 miles. I added on an extra 200 at the end to make it the full 9 miles. 3 mile (21:24) cooldown. Back to the car to add some layers and place the towel on the car seat to keep it fresh to def!

Home to have a protein shake and eat a classic meal. Foam roll and bed at a decent hour.

 Stonyfield yogurt with granola. A Clif Bar that was dipped in it.


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