New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Palio 1/2 Marathon Race Report

September 15th (Sunday): 5:45am wakeup. Out of bed by 5:50ish to use the bathroom. Downstairs to start up the oat bran on the stove while I retrieved my laundry in the basement. Upstairs to change up and back downstairs to prepare the oat bran with maple syrup and almond milk. Scatterbrained a bit to ensure I had everything for the race. Socks, flats, extra clothes, warm clothes, trainers, etc. Sat down and ate my oat bran. Pinned my number on my jersey.

Out the door and on the road just before 6:30am. In Saratoga by 6:45am. Parked approximately 0.6 miles away. Planned out my warmup according the distance away from the starting line. 2 miles total for a warmup. 6+ minutes out. Popped in the woods for a poop. Back to the car to change up into flats and apply the Bodyglide to the inner thighs. Injinji socks to prevent the blisters. Zensah sleeves to protect the calves. Trotted over the starting line with a long sleeve on because it was chilly out. Tossed it behind the fence to hide it. Over to the line for strides and seen some familiar faces.

7:30am start and the temperature was in the low 40's (perfect). Scoped out the competition quickly and lined up right in the middle. Decided on wearing a watch to get mile splits. Off the line well and felt out the 1st mile to see if anyone was looking to go after it. Mike Rhoda was rocking the first 1+ mile with me. I decided to drop the hammer down on the 2nd and 3rd mile to break away. The remaining race was running in some fear, but staying relaxed as possible to hit my splits. Cruised right through the miles and happy with the ease of the controlled pace.

5:34, 5:01, 5:01, 5:13, 5:12 (26:02), 5:12, 5:03 (downhill), 5:13 (decent uphill), 5:11, 5:08 (51:52), 5:09, 5:08, 5:01 (13th mile), 29.xx for the last bit. 67:41 for the win. Boom!

Killing it!

 Bringing it home.

Cheered in the next couple guys before jogging off the car to grab some warm clothes for a cooldown. Jogged off 2 miles with a couple people. Grabbed a blueberry bagel and smeared some cream cheese on it for the walk to the car. Back to my car to put on more warm clothes and the Sanuks with the fur to keep the toes warm. Picked up my shirt by the starting line and down the Fleet Feet tent for an ice bath.

What's cooler than be cool? Ice cold!

Awards weren't until 11:30am. Renee's kids were running the kids run (well Sydney was, Addy's legs were sore). So Sydney and I warmed up. I headed over to the finish line on the grass to cheer on Sydney. It ended up being too short for her and she didn't like that it was on the grass. I asked if she wanted to do a longer road race and she was all in for it. Addy's legs "loosened up" and she wanted to run too. So we found a starting line and an obvious landmark to run towards (Police Do Not Cross Barricade, Perfect!). Obviously, a ready, set, go! Took a short break at the barricade. A 2nd ready, set, go and back to the starting line (now set up as a finish line with a jacket as the finishing tape by Renee and Charlie). Sydney crossed the tape first and Addy in 2nd! I can't win 'em all!

 Discussing the race tactics and course (Sydney on the left, Addy on the right).

Awards ceremony. Out to eat with Kevin and Rich for appetizers and a wrap. Deep fried potato slices, jalapeno poppers, and a Cajun chicken wrap with a side of potato fries. Stuffed. Home by 2pm to relax on the couch and have a protein shake/Clif Bar.

Out for a 3.7 miles (25:58) shakeout at 6:30pm. More couch sitting and snacking on a bunch of different things. Bed by 11pm. 

105 miles for the week and an all-time high for weekly mileage. Another 100+ this upcoming week and then the tapering begins for the Hartford Marathon on October 12th. Pumped.