New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Alumni Weekend

August 29th (Thursday): 3 miles (21:55) with Derrick in the morning. Protein shake for breakfast. Burrito mix for lunch. Bunny graham crackers for a snack after work. Attempted a bigger ladder workout in the evening. Made it to the mile. 6x200, 4x400, 2x800, 1xmile. 33-34, 72, 72, 71, 70, 2:23, 2:22, 4:59. I tried shaking off the mile and bringing it back down. 2:42 for the 800. Closed up shop with 2x200. Weak sauce. 34, 34. Body just tired, but a good day overall. Found my weakness for my training. Turnover and speed. 16 miles on the day, still a solid day. Strides will be brought into the picture.

 More pizza! And ICE!

August 30th (Friday): Switched into an easy day of a double day of 3 and 5. 3 miles (20:29) before work. Over to Keene after work. Thomas and I ran 5+ miles (NT) around 7:45ish. Tried to trim up my hair into some gross, but it didn't work. Decided on trimming up the facial hair to white trash/southern. Athen's for a chicken parm sub and a Snapple. Crashed on the futon.

 The real Honda Accord I want. Not!

August 31st (Saturday): 8am wakeup. Breakfast at The Pub with Tim Pipp and Jared. Pancake and a short stack of French Toast. Inhaled it. Back to Fowler to change up and chill before heading over to the Sports Complex at 10:30ish. 3 mile warmup (20 + strides) with a big group of Alumni (first half with Glen Hammett). Back to the bag to switch up the socks and shoes. Apply the Body Glide and stick the calves real quick. Over to the starting line for strides and a team huddle. 11:30am start. Off the line well and mixing it up in the 1st mile dodging puddles and cruising each turn. Through the 1st mile in 5:01 and leading. The game plan was stay conservative and be in the group at mile 1, then drop the hammer. I did just that over the small hump just after mile 1. Never looked back and kept going through 2 miles at 10:08. With about 3/4 of mile left, I had a solid gap and just kept crushing. Finished up in 15:46 for the win! Sweetness! Ferenc 2nd and a couple current guys to follow. Muggy out, but wasn't bad for the 5k distance. Better shape than I thought I was in. Can't wait for the road 5k in a few weeks.

5.5+ mile (37+) cooldown with a bunch of guys. 12 miles on the day. Grandparents were able to witness the greatness and that made me extra happy! Out to lunch at Fresh Salad with the parents and the grandparents. Candy store after for fudge and goodies. Over to Pete Thomas' house for the BBQ at 3pm. Chilled there for a few hours.

Back to Fowler to shower and hang out in the backyard with everyone. Out to the bars for the bit and crashed at Fowler for the night. Buffalo chicken sandwich and a few slices of pizza.

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