New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why I Have A Coach

February 28th: 7am wakeup. Whoa! Gotta get to work for a meeting at 7:30am. No breakfast. Dressed, lunch packed and put the door by 7:09am. Work 7:30am-4pm. Busy all day.

Stopped for gas and swung by the Shen track to see if it was clear. Affirmative. Home to catch up on my blog and run with a clear mind. The workout was mile, 2x800, 4x400. Half rest for everything I asked Goup for goal times. He stated 5 minute pace and to see how I felt.

Beautiful night out. Drove over to the track and brought extra dry layers (fleece pants and pullover) for post workout. Half tights, calf sleeves, hat, gloves, a couple layers on top for warmup. Ended up with 3 light layers on top and no gloves for the workout in the 35ish degree weather. 3+ miles (22+) for a warmup. Switched into the Nike Streak LT (growing attached to them more and more). Tucked in the laces since they became untied in the middle of the workout last week (Goup reminded me at DH Jones, that's what coaches are for). Some strides and a small pep talk to myself to remind me the goal for today and that I just ran a hard 10 mile road race. Cruise and close.

The workout went accordingly: 4:45, 2:19, 2:20, 68, 67, 66, 66. Dang, way better than I thought. 25:11 for the 4.5 miles (5:36 pace). 3 mile (22+) cooldown around the campus and back to car.

Stretched the calves and the mile+ drive back to the apartment. More stretching, foam rolling and coated my steak in some dry rub with salt, pepper and olive oil. Into the oven. Protein shake to hold me over and replenish the fluids/aid muscle recovery. Watched some television and devoure my open-faced steak and cheese sandwiches. Added ranch and the gravy I made from the leftover juices in the pan (added flour to thicken it up).

Shower right before bed. Bed at 10:45pm.

Goup knew to tell me 5 minute pace and not 4:45. If he said 4:45 and I ran 4:50, I would of felt like crap. That's why I have a coach telling me what to do and not do. 

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