New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Start Off Strong (Killington)

March 1st: 6am wakeup. 3+ miles (NT) at 6:20am on my own. Cereal for breakfast. Work 7:30am-4pm. Easy day at work. Kimber was traveling from NH to stay the night. Kimber arrived at 4:30ish. Goup and I headed out for a 2nd run. 5+ miles (35:43) in the brisk air at 5:15pm. Back to stretch, shower, and clean my room up before taking Kimber out for dinner. We decided on La Fiesta right in Clifton Park after an assortment of restaurant researching. Enchildas Supreme and root beer. Delicious. Kimber didn't eat all of her taco salad and quesadillas. Leftovers! Home to relax and head to bed early (actually feel asleep around like 8:30pm until 10pm, Kimber forced me up to get ready for bed).

March 2nd: Slept in until about 9am. Goupil headed down to Mass for a road race early in the morning. I prepared myself for a long run. Mapped out the route, took a swig of Gatorade, ate a plain tortilla for some fuel, and foam rolled. Relaxing run. Nice weather. Windy, but not too cold. 15 miles (1:44:35) on my own. Kimber did a yoga session at the apartment using an app on her new iPad.  Showered up and packed up our stuff for the mini skiing weekend over at Killington ski area with Sarah, Bob and my parents. Protein shake before we left. Packed a couple bars (Nature Valley and Odwalla) in case hungry hit me.

Kimber and I had to drive separate cars because everyone would be heading back to their homes (CT, MA, NH, NY) on Sunday evening. I led the way over to Vermont. We stopped off in Glens Falls for grocery shopping. Picked up items for a salad. Kimber's suggestions were the following: only 2 tomatoes (my 6 seemed like way too much) and lemon (in case people did not want salad dressing). I immediately had questioned on why she was picking out a lemon.

Arrived around 4:30pm at the Best Western condo (3 queens, full kitchen, dining room, living room). Ended up being $40 a person. Chilled for the rest of the night. Bob and I reviewed the trail map for Killington to find the possible "Crush Zones." Salad (Pink Lady apples, avocado, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, baby carrots) with balsamic dressing or lemon. Kimber and I cut up the veggies for the salad and served it homestyle (mostly due to the lack of serving dishes). My dad prepared his salad and without any mention about it, asked, "What's the lemon for?" I laughed out loud. We cut up 5 out of 6 tomatoes. Used them all. My family loves tomatoes (we would of been rationing them out if we only got 2). Brownies and mini frozen eclairs for dessert.
Molded my brownie with nuts into a suggestive shape.

March 3rd: 6am wakeup. Rolled around in bed for a few minutes before springing out of bed to get dressed and head to the continental breakfast. Double Belgian waffles with butter, cinnamon sugar, confectioner's sugar and syrup. A couple cups of cranorange juice to wash it all down.

Over to the slopes around 8am. My dad was taking lessons in the morning hours. Amazing conditions and wicked huge mountain. A couple sides to the mountain. Best run was the last one where Bob and I found a wicked sweet trail. Overall a great day. Limted visibility at times, but it was still very scenic. Broke for lunch at 12ish. Double decker PB&J, Red Bull, chips, and the rest of my Clif Bar. Done at 4pm.

Site from a trail towards the top.
Traveled down the road to Charity's Tavern for dinner. Long Trail Blackberry Wheat on tap. Caribbean chicken sandwich. So good. Good times. On the road back to NY by 6:20pm. Smooth ride and home by 8:20pm. No shower and bed at a decent hour.

58 miles for the week with a suprisely solid workout, a couple double days, a long run, and a cross training day.

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