New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Recover In Progress

March 7th: 6:10am wakeup. 3+ miles (23:30) on my own in the morning. Oatmeal for breakfast. Work 7:45-4:00pm. Busy day all day. Pasta with olive oil and mozzarella cheese for lunch. Pretty weak lunch. No snacks either. Grocery shopping is a necessity tonight.

Home by 4:30pm. Goup and I headed out for an easy 5.5+ (43:09) in the flurrying snow that was kinda annoying. Back to stretch, massage my calves like crazy and pop over to Hannaford's for a few items. Bananas, salsa, milk, Eggo waffles (24 pack of buttermilk), enchiladas (frozen section) and a nice piece of steak.

Enchiladas for dinner. No shower since my sheets haven't been changed in 2-4 month range (if not more) so it's not like it matters. Oh well. Laundry this weekend.

Easy 8 miles. Calves are okay. Just gotta take it one day at a time.
Failure. Fixed itself after I placed a bandaid over it.

March 8th: Slept in. Bowl of Go Lean Cinnamon Crumble. Iced/heated while I ate breakfast. Work 7:30-3:45pm. We aren't allowed overtime so I had to leave by then. Productive day at work. Smoothness.

Snack during work.

Home by 4:10ish. Relaxed. Heated up the calf (mostly one now, but both are being babied with extra massages and whatnot). Out for a relaxing 8.5+ (61:15) in the warmish air. Rocked some half tights, which is always a good thing.

Back by 6:20ish. Stretched, foam rolled, sticked my legs, and pulled up the DII National Live Feed to watch Maggie rip it up in the 800 semis. Saw the Facebook status of Janel becoming National Champion in the pentathlon. Ryan advanced to the finals in the mile. Great motivation to continue to take care of my calves and put in some miles during the weekend.

Throw a steak in the oven. Boiled up some rice. Dinner and television. Bed by 11pm.


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