New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fairhaven/New Bedford Half "Race Report"

March 16th: Slept in until 10:30am. Washed some dishes while I made some oatmeal. My brown sugar was rock solid. Goup let me have some of his. Some milk for creaminess. Watched some Boy Meets World.

Packed up and on the road by 12pm. Stopped at TD Bank for cash withdrawal. Made it down to the Hampton Inn by 4pm. Bathroom and changed up for an easy shakeout. 3 miles (21:51). Back to stretch, sticked the legs and showered. Watched some Swamp People before dinner.

The Pasta House for dinner. Waited an 1.5 hours for a table, but it was worth it. Delicious food. Goup and I were a bit underdressed. Oh well. Made our food disappear and out of the there by 9pm.

Potato skins (spinach cream, mozzarella cheese, tomato, and bacon) for an appetizer. Butternut ravoli with fresh vegetables in brown sugar and cream cheese with chicken.

Back to the hotel room to relax and head to bed.

March 17th: 6:30am wakeup. Bathroom. Downstairs for breakfast. Belguim waffle and some water. Back upstairs to change up and pack up my belongings. Over to the YMCA in New Bedford to pick up my number and chill for a bit. Met up with the Whirlaway guys for a warmup. Everything went according to plan and I was feeling good. I forgot my arm warmers back at my car so I jogged over their to grab them before the start.

A solid start. About 2-3 miles in, my lower right back/hip tightened up and put a kink in my stride. I worked through it and solid through 5 miles (25 high I think). Ready to attack the next 5 miles(especially knowing the course), things started locking back up and the calves were not feeling too hot around 7 miles. Made it through 10 miles in 52:02. 20 seconds slower than last year and I wasn't charging to the finish. The last 5k was a struggle (pain train) and I made it across the line in 70:31. Blahh. Immediately after, my right hip and back tightened right up to a point it was painful to walk. No cooldown. Some food (fish sandwich) in the cafeteria before heading out to lunch with my parents, Kimber and Goup. BLT with a vanilla milkshake. Mmmm.

Final stretch. Not even looking up. Weak sauce.

Home by 6pm. Showered and relaxed the rest of the night.

The whole hip thing was weird. It loosened up by the time I got home in NY. I have had IT band issues, but never anything like that. Not everyday can be a career day and a planned 7 days completely off.

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