New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Standard Monday Through Friday

March 11th: 5am wakeup. On the road by 5:30pm from Peterborough, NH. Banana for breakfast. Leftover lasagna roll-ups for lunch. Work 8:15am-4:45pm. 8.5+ (60:53) with Goup at 6pm. Exploration run that was relaxing and just what I needed for a Monday. Protein shake, bowl fo Go Lean Cinnamon Crumble and a stack of Eggo waffles for dinner. Rocked my new Saucony Fast Twitches. Reflective yellow. Sick.

March 12th: 6:30am wakeup. Cereal for breakfast. Work 7:45am-4:15pm. Leftover steak and rice for a pre-lunch. 4 pieces of sausage and mushroom pizza for lunch during our Colden meeting with our project manager. Home to run a solid 5.5 (37:13) on my own at 6:15pm. Back to stretch, foam roll and stretch. Protein shake and a Eggo waffle sandwich quickly before heading down to Albany to celebrate a buddy's birthday. Hit up a couple bars on Broadway and home by 12am. Fun night. Tried the Abita Purple Haze beer. Mmm.

March 13th: 7:00am wakeup. Cereal for breakfast. Sausage, egg and cheese on morning break because I was starving. No lunch made so I bought some fresh sushi at the cafeteria. Alaskan roll. The guy convinced me after I ordered the California roll. It's the California roll with Salmon (avocado, cucumber, crab stick, AND salmon). Mmmm. Wicked good. Toast with butter and jelly for a snack before my run at 6:30pm. 7+ miles (43:30). 8 sets of minute on, minute off. Covered 2.82 miles in the 16:00. 5:40 pace. Calves were pain free. Protein shake and more Eggo waffles for dinner. I need to do some grocery shopping.

March 14th: 6:50am wakup. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Work 7:45am-4:15pm. Two PB&J sandwiches for lunch. Home to relax for a while. Out for a run around 6:20ish. 7+ miles (50:01) on my own. Stretched, foam rolled, and over to Hannaford's for a quick grocery stop. Steak, veggies, milk and orange. Clif Bar Crunch Bars. I assisted a woman in finding ripe avocados. They were pretty much all hard and she gave up. I found 4 that were on the softer side. I handed her two. Home to make steak, egg noodles, and mushrooms/onions.

Divided into two servings.

March 15th: 6:45am wakeup. Protein shake for breakfast. Work 7:45am-4:15pm. Easy slow Friday. Leftovers for lunch (almost a beef stroganoff). Home to relax for a bit before heading out for a easy 5++ miles (40:12) on soft terrain at 6pm. Trails and grass fields right by the apartment. Back to stretch, foam roll, and ice. Protein shake. Bowl of cereal and bed by 11pm.

New Bedford this weekend! Gonna be a blast!

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