New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend In Newtown

June 28th (Friday): Ambitions of getting most of my miles done in the morning before work, but that didn't happen. 3 miles (21:26) on the normal loop (original loop since the road construction starts at 7am and I was passing through around 6:30am). Hectic day at work with closing a whole bunch of stuff out before the weekend. Lots of computer work. Chicken, veggies, and pasta for lunch along with a couple pieces of free pizza and a small salad.

Home to pack up and head down to Connecticut for a guys weekend with my dad. Home by 7:30pm. 6 miles total (4 miles with my dad and another 2 added on after) at 8:30pm. Relaxing run and good to catchup on the local neighborhoods and whatnot. Showered up and teamed up on making juicy burgers for dinner. Sweet pepper relish, ketchup and mayo. Toasted bun. Hit the spot.

Fell asleep on the couch and bed by 11:30pm.

June 29th (Saturday): Slept in a little bit (tossed around in bed) before crawling out to change up for a run. Pre-run snack of pretzels and Nutella. I missed Nutella so much.

 Amazing combo.

 Piled on.

10+ miles (66:57) on the classic hilly loop. Surprisingly lower humidity than I thought and a cool breeze. Shade for about half the run. Back to stretch, foam, and shower up in the outdoor shower. Hard boiled egg for a post-run recovery snack. Bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Mayo and pepper.

 First bite above. Two bites total.

View from the outdoor shower.

Over to a small neighborhood to learn standard in the 92 Honda Accord with 272,000 miles on it. It went fairly well and my dad was giving me some tough situations like reversing uphill without rolling back because "there was a small child in front of me on a bike." Frustrating, but made it through all right. I was done after about an 45 minutes. Solid lesson.

Home by 2:30pm. Plans of heading out for a 2nd run at some point in the evening. Plans changed and played 9 holes of golf with the Meier's (Bill and Dale) around 4:30pm. Fun time and had a couple decent shots. About every 14th shot was a good one. Stopped at the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. Chicken and veggies for the grill with a side salad. Dinner at their house and chilled until about 10pm. Watched an episode of Hemlock Grove. Suspenseful first episode and might need to watch the rest of them on my own time.

Bed by 11pm.

June 30th (Sunday): Slept in until 9am. Eggs and toast for breakfast. Some pretzels and Nutella. Changed up for a long run and my plan was to head over to Huntington State Park for some hills/trails. I told my dad that I was driving over and he said "Take the Honda. Just take your time." Okay dokey. Success! No stalling whatsoever and a fairly smooth ride. Sweetness. 15 miles (1:45:29) with a couple hard efforts on the downs and ups. Slight death march the last couple miles, but survived. Soaked in a "river" that smelt kinda bad and wasn't wicked cold, but it did the body good. The drive back went even better. A couple 1st gear starts on a hill and some downshifting too. Woohoo! Practice makes perfect.

A milkshake to reward myself with the long run and the 79 mile week of some solid efforts (two workouts). Helped my dad with the lawn a bit before the storm rolled through. Relaxed inside the house for a few hours. Eventually packed up and made some dinner (oversized burger) before heading back to NY. Home by 11:30pm. Lost my bluetooth headset (somewhere) for the 100th time. Brought the Nutella home because my mom told me. Mistake. Gonna be gone so quick. Oh well.

In motion, but the speedometer ain't working. The norm.

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