New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blah Monday

July 1st (Monday): No morning run. Cereal for breakfast. Work 8am-4:30pm. Busy day with catching up on stuff from the weekend. Stir fry over rice for lunch (bought in the cafe). Topped it with sriracha sauce to some spiciness. Lots of peanut butter M&Ms throughout the day. So good. Clif bar at the end of the day as I was walking out of work to the car.

Stopped at Hannaford's for the essentials for the week. Nothing out of the ordinary. Graham crackers and Nutella for a snack before heading out the door with Goup for 10 miles (70:15) along the bike path at 7:45pm. Passing shower cooled us off and caused me to remove my glasses for a couple miles in the middle. Black flies towards the turnaround point, but not too annoying.

Back to stretch, foam roll and shower up before making some dinner. Veggie wrap. Spinach, pinto beans, and avocado wrap with balsamic vinegrette dressing. Protein shake. Body (arms and back) sore from the 9 holes of golf. Some good cross-training. We had carts, but I wasn't hitting it too far most of the time so I was just walking it out between shots.

New dishware courtesy of Sarah.

How I function for the most part with laundry. Slowly getting better.

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