New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rest Is Just As Important

July 17th (Wednesday): Protein shake for breakfast. Carpooled with Goup to work. Free lunch from our Monthly EHS Update Meeting at 12pm. Work 7:30am-4pm. Last minute meeting for Goup from 4pm-5pm. So Alyssa was able to give me a ride home. Realized I forgot my keys so I broke into the house for a second time in a couple weeks. Much smoother this time. Called up the 4 local dealerships and told them what I wanted. A 2010 Honda Accord EX 5 speed manual with 40K miles or less. I knew they didn't have any in their inventory so they took down my information. Sounds good to me. Applied for my credit card through my new membership to a credit union. Chilled the rest of the night and ate a bunch of snacks. Day off from running. Kinda just happened. Wicked hot out and the body told me to relax this week with the big race this weekend at Mount Cranmore.

Oops. Almost Towed.

July 18th (Thursday): 6:50am wakeup. Quick breakfast and threw some things together for lunch. Work 7:30am-4pm. Taught NCO first thing in the morning. 2nd time this week. Some snacks for lunch. Home to relax and head for 7+ miles (NT) on my own around 7:30ish. Napped a whole bunch after work and before the run. Felt great to sweat out any toxins and just run free with no watch. Back to stretch, foam roll, and make a bunch of food. Burrito mix (lunches and easy dinners), marinated chicken, and cooked up some chicken for a wrap. Bed by 11pm.

One of my Amazon shipments came in today. Sweet new Nalgene top. Boom.

$7 bucks.

You remove the other top. I was just too excited to do that at the moment.

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  1. Good luck at Cranmore! That course is a beast.