New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Deer In The Headlights

July 10th (Wednesday): 2.5 miles (18:22) for a morning run. Honey wheat bagel with butter for breakfast. Grabbed a punch of leftovers and whatnot in the fridge for lunch. Lunch turned out to be pretty decent combo (healthy too). Orzo rice, raw spinach, sliced raw mushrooms, pinto beans, and fresh avocado. Balsamic vinaigrette dressing to add some flavor and salt/pepper. Annie's graham cracker bunnies and a Clif bar for a snack. Crunchy granola bars at the end of the day to hold me over for the afternoon run.

I received another call about my keys yesterday from Marty (last time on Monday was from Sue at the Clifton Park Library) at the information booth on Broadway Street in Saratoga Springs. They are only open until 5pm so I had to wait until today to pick them up. Confirmed by calling back the number. It ended up being Marty's cellphone, but she confirmed and let me know that Barbour is working today. Up to Saratoga to retrieve my keys. Success! I greeted Barbour and she was like "How do you know me?" Humorous. Keys obtained. Boom.

Before returning home, I stopped at Hannaford's to pick up a few more things (mostly for my burrito mix). Short drive (1/2 mile) home to prepare a big batch of burrito mix for the rest of the week (lunches and maybe dinner). As I readied myself for a run, I spotted a deer in the "side yard" of the townhouse. Background tunes match right up with the peacefulness. Baauer are the people that brought the world the Harlem Shake song.

Music: Neva Knew (Baauer Remix) by Obey City.

Snack before the run: Nutella with the honey graham cracker bunnies.
Eaten like a bowl of cereal.

Out for a run. 8.75 miles (58:14) around 7:45pm. Smooth out and back along the bike path. I saw a bunch of people along the way. Either bikers, runners, walkers. On my way back, I ran up behind a couple walking their dog along the sidewalk. They looked like nice people. From the middle of the road (where I was running), I turned and waved. It was one of the equipment engineers from GLOBALFOUNDRIES that I met earlier in the week. One of the most genuinely caring people I have ever met. Greeted each other by pointing at each other and saying each other's name. "Eric!" and "Moe!" Continued on and finished up the  run.

Back to wipe down the body from being drenched, stretch, foam roll, and make a protein shake. Bed earlyish.

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