New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

US Mountain Running Champs (Cranmore)

July 21st (Sunday): 6:30am wakeup. Rolled around in bed for a bit before making it downstairs for some breakfast. Bagel with whipped cream cheese and some Gatorade. Back upstairs to change up quick and head out by 7:15ish to the race venue (Cranmore resort). Arrived by 7:30am. Received a call from my mom letting me know that they were closing up registration and number pickup. Jogged over and picked up my number.

Back to the car to gather up my gear and organize what I wanted to bring up to the summit. The race started at the top and was a 3 lap down/up course. Roughly 4k a lap. Up to the summit with DoubleJ at 8:20ish. Dropped off our bags with my parents while we warmed up. Scoped out all the heavy competition passing by me. Swung into the woods for a bathroom break. 2 mile warmup roughly and over to one of the benches to switch into the racing gear. Injinji socks, Inov8 X-Talon 212's, and no shirt. Applied the Body Glide to the thighs and underarms. Powerbar energy gel before the start of the race. Trotted over to the starting line.

Courtesy of Richard Bolt.

1st lap: Solid off the line and around the tight summit loop before the first downhill section. Cautious the entire way down to ensure I didn't destroy the quads too early. Knowing I was gonna be out there for 60+ minutes, I knew I had to run it like a 10 miler. Cruised the downhill through some sloppy muddy sections. The uphill climbs were runnable for the most part and keep it relaxed.

 I am not sure if this was the 1st lap or 2nd lap, but I was smiling.

2nd lap: Grabbed a cup of water on top and was passed by a guy or two on the short summit circle on top. Forced me to get after it on the downhill section (not a hammerfest, but moving well). Straight through all the muddy sections with any hestitation. Water stop at the bottom. Climbed well and utilized the power-hiking technique. 2 laps down and ready to rip the last.

 Courtesy of SNAPacidotic.

 Courtesy of SNAPacidotic.

3rd lap: The last downhill section was a definite hammerfest. No regrets and cruising with a couple guys on the steep sections. There was a muddy section with an option to run on a slab of wet rock. I slapped right through the mud while some one else opted for the rock. Smash! He went down hard and I didn't bother looking back. Just kept hammering forward. The last climb went well and realized Brandon Newbould wasn't running. Threw me into another gear and adrenaline rush through my entire body. Tristan Williams was on my tail so I surged the uphills and continued the power-hike technique on the extra steep terrain. Closed well for a 11th place finish and a top 10 American finish. Time: 61:14.
2nd lap I believe. Mexico and I worked together well on the steeper stuff.

Chilled at the top for a bit. Some organic baby food from TiVo. Delicious. Changed into trainers and trotted down the mountain to the bottom with DoubleJ and some other guys. Hung out with my parents, Sarah and Bob with some refreshments. Awards ceremony and a podium finish with a top 10 American finish. Sweetness!!

 Top 10. Reppin the Northeast!

Out to lunch with my parents. Flatbread Company for pizza. A little window shopping and on the road by 3:45pm. Ate some of the leftover pizza on the car ride back.

Whoopie pie from my parents. Mmmm (not homemade, but devoured).

 I had to pee that bad. Barrel rolled through the door.

Wrapped myself up in ice for the hips.


  1. Good race! Hilarious photo caption about having to pee.

  2. Way to go! Sounds like a pretty epic race. Saw you are registered for Run4Kerri down here in RI this weekend. See you there!

  3. Thanks guys! 5 hour car ride did it. Minimal stopping.

    Rhode Island this weekend! See you there!