New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Humidity 1, Eric 0

July 2nd (Tuesday): Woke up to my alarm at 6:15am, but my phone was freezing up so I did a standard reset. It never turned back on and I woke up at 7am. No morning run. Work 8am-4:30pm. Chilled and prepared my dinner before the run. 10 miles (70:20) on my own. Ventured on the back neighborhoods with some trails for a bit in the evening on my own. Into the creek for a soak because my body was hurting (aka overheating and sore). Bed at a decent hour.

Killing it on the stovetop.

Egg noodles, sauteed onions and garlic, chicken, and steamed broccoli.
Lovely day for a Guinness (courtesy of Erin Macknight)

July 3rd (Wednesday): 2 miles (15:11) solo before work. Work 7:45am-4:15pm. Home to change up and head out for a workout. Ian MacLellan is doing a documentary on the mountain series so he wanted to get footage of me on a workout and interview me back at the house. 

Logistics worked out well because I was attempting a hill workout on a mile (up/down) loop in the back neighborhoods. 2 mile warmup (14:21). Some weird looks due me following a car with the trunk open about 20 feet in front of me. 3xmile. Too aggressive on the first one and suffered the next 2 intervals. The goal was 4xmile. Instead, it was 4:52, 5:23, then shut it down on the 3rd one right before the rest section. The interval is approximately .4 uphill, .45 overall downhill (with a short uphill), and a .11 (aka ~50 seconds) of rest. 12-13 seconds short of 1 mile for the loop. 2 mile cooldown (14:xx). Foam rolled and a protein shake. Iced the legs and attempted to cooloff. Chilled for the rest of the night.

Watched 300 and got pumped for this weekend for Loon! 9 miles on the day and the humidity won today, but I survived.

July 4th (Thursday): 8am wakeup. Protein shake. Up to Saratoga to watch the Firecracker 4. Jogged from the starting line to the 1.5 mile mark then back to the finish line. Sweating my ass off. Cooled down with the ARE guys and watched the awards ceremony.

Drove off back to the house and left my keys (except for my car key which was in my running shorts) in the wheel well. Gone. Hmm. Drove back to Saratoga to look for them since I couldn't unlock the doors to my house (Goup was up towards Lake George). No dice. Back to the house a 2nd time to break into my own house. Success. Spare key was on the window sill so I was able to pop the screen out and open the window to grab the key. No need to climb through the window. 

Some Gatorade and a snack before heading out for a 2nd run around 2pm. Extra humid and hot. 2nd attempt to finish the workout. Decided on just a 2 mile warmup (13:10) and 2xmile (but more even and overall faster). 5:14, 5:09. Boom. 2 mile cooldown (13:10). Almost a death march, but stopped over at the river to splash the face and neck to bring the body temperature down. 

Back to Saratoga after a shower, protein shake and gathering up some extra clothes. Over to a co-worker's place to celebrate the 4th of July. Fun night and crashed at my buddy's house. Ending up seeing some high school teammates. They were twins and didn't believe it was them for the longest time. Small world!

 Ants in our pants!

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