New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Fun

December 1st: 10:30am wakeup. Ahhh, sleeping in was amazing. Cereal for breakfast. A whole bunch of vegging out on the couch during the day. I was gonna hit up the laundromat, but it could wait. I was gonna pack too. Nahhh.

Run at 5pm (yeah I had all day to run and chose to run in the dark). 8.5+ miles (58:24) with a couple pickups at the end of the run. Felt good to throw in a few surges, but not have any goals/workout in mind. I think my mind needs a mental break from the rigorous schedule of training for something. I am excited get back at it, but you gotta enjoy the down days/weeks of training.

Back to stretch, shower and get into comfy clothes. Watched How To Train Your Dragon on FX. Towards the end of the movie, we received a text from one of our co-workers to come up to Saratoga. We made the executive (group/couple) decision together and settled on finishing the movie (Goupil hadn't seen it before) before heading up there.

Out for a few hours with our co-worker, her boyfriend and some of her friends. Met up with more people. A couple contractors/employees from work. Fun night and made it home by 1:30am. Bed right when we got home.

December 2nd: 8am wakeup. A couple packets of oatmeal. Met Derrick at Gold's Gym to carpool to the spot where we were meeting a bunch of Willow Street guys for a long run. 9am start for 14 miles. Great run. 7 miles out and back. 49:12 out, 44:36 back. Derrick made a push with 4 miles to go and I matched it immediately. No turning back from there. Joined by a couple guys for a quick finish to the parking lot. 1:33:48 total time. Longest single run (and most miles in a day) since the marathon. Legs felt good and enjoyed running with a huge group.

Off to the IHOP for breakfast with the group. Eggs, turkey sausage and a stack of pancakes. Glass of chocolate milk to wash it all down.

Back to the apartment to shower and foam roll. Chilled on the couch for a bit before making the trip to the laundromat to wash all my clothes. Once complete, I will pretty much have only clean clothes in my room. Washed my running hats, sweatpants, work pants, and all sorts of stuff to have everything available for California. Smooth at the laundromat without too many people there on a Sunday around 2:30pm.

Back to the apartment to relax and have a protein shake before heading to the gym. Goupil almost forgot about it. We headed there and arrived at 6:26pm. Front desk attendant let us know that Planet Fitness closes at 7pm tonight. Hmm. Circuit lifting with the free weights and that's all we could do. Short, but productive session.

Home to have another protein shake and a bowl of cereal (I believe). I was supposed to pack today, but that did not happen. It's all good. I don't mind packing last minute

59 miles for the week. Gym 3x this week. Legs are slowly feeling refreshed. Long run with some great guys.

Car accident that took two local students' lives Saturday evening on Route 87. Hit by a drunk driver from behind.

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