New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, December 14, 2012

May The Lord Be With You (And With Your Spirit)

December 6th: Slept in until 5:30am? Yeah, the biological clock was off and I couldn't fall back asleep. Swung downstairs (basement/1st floor) to say hi to my Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Jane. Back upstairs (3rd floor) to the bedroom to lay in bed.

Out for a run with Sarah and Bob. Ran to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Sweetness. Beautiful day and I was able to rock shorts for the run. Amazing feeling. Short sleeve and lightweight zip up. Added on a few miles once we arrived back at the house to make it 9+ miles (68:37). I was able to take off the jacket and cruise in shorts/t-shirt in December?! Yeah buddy!

Back to shower, stretch, and have breakfast. Egg and bacon sandwich on an English muffin. Off to lunch with the guys (Dominic's dad Al, my Dad, my sister Sarah's fiancé Bob, my dad's friend Jeff, and Dominic) for meatball sandwiches at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store. The meatball sandwich was ridiculous. Thinly sliced meatballs, cheese, some sauce. All on focaccia bread made down the street at this little shop. Destroyed it. I rode in the trunk of Al's car because we had so many people. Luckily, I'm young and flexible.

Back to the Retiro House (rented house for most of the relatives) to relax and hang out with the cousins (Elie and Quinn). Kimber was dropped off around 2:30pm and everyone just chilled at the house until the rehearsal at the church at 5pm. Changed up and off to the church. Quick rehearsal with a slightly strict priest. Over to the Olympic Club for the dinner. Big juicy steak and potatoes. Some little pastries for dessert. Saw a bunch people that I hadn't seen in a while and met some of the Comolli's.

Lots of pictures taken and speeches made. Over to a bar for some late night cocktails. Kimber headed back to the house because her stomach was upset from the flights. Hung out with more people and chilled before taking a taxi back to the Retiro House with my parents.

Fun filled first day in San Fran. Amazing weather and the forecast looks promising for the next 6 days.

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