New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Under The Weather

December 13th: After an okay night sleep, I woke up at 6:30am for my first day back at work. Oatmeal for breakfast. Bought lunch. Buffalo chicken wrap that was overpriced, but I used a gift card (costs me nothing). Work 7:30-4pm. Work dragged on and I was kinda exhausted from the travel day yesterday.

Home to relax and head out for a short run. 5.5 miles (39:48). Solid run, but not fun to bundle back up in this Northeast weather. Off to the gym to lift (last time was over a week ago). Felt good to get back in the gym. Surprised to be saying that.

Protein shake for dinner because I am a lazy person. A shock to the system overall, but nice to get back into everything after a relaxing vacation.

December 14th: Scratchy throat and congested when I woke up. Oatmeal for breakfast (no grocery shopping yet). Work 7:30-4pm. Bought lunch again because I still had some money left over on the gift card. Stopped off at Da Choppa for groceries. Healthy shopping today with lots of ingredients for salads. Salad mix, spinach mix, peppers, avocado, apples, raisins, monterey jack shredded cheese, and chicken. Bought some sweetened almond milk to switch things up (lighter on the dairy). No yogurt. A bunch a boxes of cereal (2 Go Lean Crisp, 2 Autumn Harvest). Bananas.

Home to put away groceries and change up for a run. 10 miles (69:01). Felt good today even with being under the weather a bit. No BU mini meet for me tomorrow, but I am chauffeuring Goupil down for the day.

Even with all that shopping, I made 3 eggs for dinner.

December 15th: 5:30ish wakeup. Left the house around 6am to drive down to Boston for the mini meet. Watched some friends tear it up on the track and got me pumped to get back into the training/working out mode. 6 miles on the day. Kept it short and all inside. Try to acclimate myself for the following week. My voice was horse by the end of the day with all the cheering since I wasn't racing. It's the least I could do.

Big salad for dinner. Everything except the chicken. Peppercorn ranch dressing. So good. Stuffed by the end.

December 16th: 7:45am wakeup. Oatmeal for breakfast. Scheduled run with the Willow Street guys at 9am at the Nisakyuna Bike Path. Just shy of 15 miles (1:41:15) and it felt smooth/relaxed. Great to get out for a longer run with a big group of people. Quicker finish.

Home to stretch, foam roll, and shower. Washed some dishes. Made a simple, but delicious protein shake with my new Magic Bullet. Protein power, vanilla almond milk, and a half of a banana. Mmm. It was worth the money. Blends it all up into a thin puree. The best part is the container you blend it in is the cup you drink out of in the end. Easy clean-up.

Chilled for the afternoon. Hit up the gym with Goupil. Productive session of lifting. Another salad for dinner.

42 miles for the down week with a couple days off. Ready for a full week of training with a workout and an indoor meet.

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