New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, December 14, 2012

Golf Isn't My Strength

December 7th: 8:30am wakeup. Some breakfast to fuel up for 18 holes of golf. Rode over to the Presido Golf Course with my uncles, my grandpa, and Bob. Rented some clubs ($50, not bad). A half of a bucket for the driving range. My cousin Frank gave me some obvious tips, but it helped a bunch. A 3 pack of customized golf balls with "Erin and Dom" printed on them for every player.

10:38 tee-off time for our group (Dad, Peter, Bob and I). First 9 holes went surprisingly well for only playing once a year or so. The back 9 wasn't as great and we stopped keeping score. We were losing balls and the tiredness was setting in for me. It was a ton of fun anyways. Wet and sloppy out there at some points, but we had golf carts to save some energy and stay dry. I had some decent drives, chips and putts to want me to play more in my free time. Just time consuming at the moment. Running is my priority sport and I see some success in it, which makes it kinda worth it.

Chilled at the golf course as people finished up their round and back to the house to change out of the wet shoes/socks. Ordered pizza for dinner and we sautéed up some mushrooms and onions for toppings. Home videos off my Uncle Darin's computer with the whole family. There were some definitely hilarious segments.

Day off from running. Even without running, my body (especially my back and arms) will be sore from the full day of golf.

Fun day all around.

The 18 holes of golf in Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the iPad didn't serve much of a purpose. A whole lot better there and no translation to real life.

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