New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Epic Wedding

December 8th: 8:30ish wakeup. Changed up for a run with Bob. Some Golden Oreos as a pre run snack. Off up Fillmore Street (steep hills) to the top and down the other side. Looped around back to the house and over along the coast. Popped in quickly to see if Kimber had already left for a run. She did. So I went out towards the Golden Gate Bridge along the trail to attempt to find her. Found her! She recognized me since I was one of the only runners out there with short shorts on. 9 miles (66:36) between the divided run with Bob and Kimber.

Back to the Retiro House to grab a bowl of Corn Flakes with brown sugar. Great combo. Showered up, shaved and changed up to head over to the Prescott Hotel to meet up Dom and the groomsmen for a photo shoot. Over to the church early. Too early because another wedding was out in front of the church. Limo driver dropped us down the road for us to walk around since the limo needed to pick up Erin (the bride) and the bridesmaids. Decided to stop off at a bar for a quick shot to take off the edge.

Over to the church to seat people and get ready for the big ceremony. Ceremony to start at 3pm and everything went smoothly. Greeted a bunch of people and rocked my role of walking my mom down the aisle. A beautiful ceremony with no hiccups.

Off to the Olympic Club with the newly weds (Mr. and Mrs. Comolli) and the 18 members of the bridal party (9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen) all in one stretch limo/SUV. Made it to the reception to get herded up to the main floor. H'ordeuvres were out of this world. Ahi tuna, mozzarella/basil/tomato sticks, peanut chicken on a stick, and others. Wolfed a bunch of those down before entering the reception. Mingled with a few people before making our way upstairs to the main room with the dance floor/tables/etc.

The reception I cannot even put into words. It was amazing. First dance between my dad and my sister Erin was a tear jerker. As soon as The Beatles (In My Life) came over those speakers, it was beginning of the waterworks. The soup and the salad was delicious, but could last long enough. My two other sisters, Kate and Sarah, decided to bring me into their maid of honor speeches. In the end, it felt right (alone from the fact that they used to dress me up a girl when I was little and to a point where I asked them if I could get dressed up as a girl). Kate started the whole thing, Sarah was second and I did my best to finish with my thoughts and words. I barely held it together for a few sentences because I was crying (with happiness) so much. To grow up with 3 older sisters was a blessing and I wouldn't want it any other way.

The rest of night was filled with food and tons of dancing with a live band. Great night all around!

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